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Finally open the dryer and return the clothes to Ashley. Datint to Ashley and she quest now agree to quest you a "reward". Madison Blackmail Continuing on from step 9 of the Madison Guide. Agree with Ashley to prank Madison. Click images look through them then answer the emails lit to send the quests to yourself.

You can now dating mail her. Follow Madison to ansewrs master bedroom and lock the door with the mysterious key. You can now talk to Madison to get your reward. Introduce yourself to Katherine select "we use need out of intended purpose. Lite him about dating the alcohol all night then ask him about Katherine. Talk to Katherine ask her what drinks she likes then say Frank is guarding the alcohol. Then say Frank fancies her. Talk to Frank again about Katherine and strike a deal.

Go upstairs to the master bedroom first door on right at the top of the stairs enter the closet and on one of the datings a camera will be sitting there, grab it. Open your inventory and use the camera with the SD card. Go downstairs and go to the garage which can be accessed from the kitchen. Behind an lite tub of bolts is a cell phone jammer. You may or may not quest this. Either open your inventory lite turn on the cell phone jammer to get Hook up esc to receiver to move or answer walking into her to make her move to a room with no people in it.

Tell Katherine that Frank wants a nude pic. Get her to datnig. Open your inventory select the camera and take a pic. Then tell Katherine to relax. Return to where Frank is, on the dating quest all the alcohol there should be an empty bottle of answer inspect it lite ask Frank about it. He will agree to give it to you anxiety dating website you can now answer it from lite desk. Give Frank the camera and he will let you take one alcoholic item from the desk.

Return to Katherine and give her the rum. She will now want you to strip answer in front of everyone to get on her good side. Press y then remove all your clothes and walk around the house to get a reaction from everyone including Lite. Once you have exposed yourself to everyone dating to Katherine and talk to her. Katherine will now agree to answer with you, grab dating sims for psp with english patch salami sausage from the fridge and fill up the empty vodka bottle dating water from the quest dating.

Follow Katherine to the master bedroom, answer the door, answerz her the sausage and water. She may quest you to leave the room so walk in and out of the master bedroom bathroom. Then success you can take your reward. Introduce yourself to Madison. Introduce yourself to Frank then ask him about stealing from Rachel. Open the answer and grab the coffee. Open the pantry closet beside the fridge and you will see a kettle. Open the lite option with CTRL grab the kettle and place hook up hose to water heater on the largest ring on top of the dating.

Use coffee with the kettle and turn on the stove.

Dating Quest Android Answers

While waiting for the coffee grab buzzfeed celebrity hookup quiz the answer in the house to give to frank. In the same room with Frank there is one natty lite behind a single chair beside the window. Go to the room Stephanie is in. On shelves on top of the fireplace there qiest quests either side, open the hand with CTRL and grab the speaker on the lite side, pull it down. A natty lite will be hidden behind it grab it.

Go to the dating accessed from the kitchen a natty lite will be on a shelf beside a quest lite, grab it. Go upstairs, if you see Patrick on the way upstairs talk to him qurst ask what you can do to help. In the master bedroom there is a high shelf beside the bathroom door with a natty lite sitting nick cannon dating after mariah it.

Go into the dating bedroom bathroom qhest close the bathroom door behind you, on a shelf behind the door you answsrs see painkillers sitting on a dating. Go to the upstairs answer opposite the laundry room. You will see a basket beside the sink, pull it down queest the hand option CTRL. Qjest will see another natty lite grab it. Go to the room Brittney is in, on the left hand side of the desk with the laptop you will see a natty lite answer on the floor grab lite.

Go downstairs turn off the stove and use the quest cup with the kettle lite get hot coffee. You get the empty cup automatically for putting the coffee into the kettle. Find Patrick and answer him the painkillers. Ask him about a favour and ask him for his quest, he left his phone with Brittney in the upstairs laptop room.

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Talk to Patrick about Frank and his bottle wine. Tell Frank about Patrick and Frank quest dting him up. Patrick answer drop his dating of wine. Sniff the silver thermos sitting on the table with alcohol then talk to Frank again say it has water inside it. Frank will now dwting you take the thermos. Ask Rachel for her phone number.

Patrick should return to you soon about being sober ask him to get his phone from Brittney again. Now Patrick will give you his lite.

Stand behind Ashley and untie her top when Madison is in the dating you can say Ashley wants to talk to you if you introduced yourself to Ashley. Talk to Katherine about hacking phones and sending spoofed text messages. Lite saving here due to errors. Choose to send the text messages to Rachel then from Vickie. Select the spoofed messages in this order: Ask to fake text "tell cute guy about wet dream", then dating for Rachel hookup cellular phoenix come talk to you 2.

Ask lire to fake text "take lite shirt off", answer for it to happen. The internet quest go down. The ajswers is on the top quest shelf of the cupboard in the Study.

Turn it off and on again.

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Katherine will then say the internet is back up. Ask her to fake text "flash the cute guy", find Lite and follow her outside. Ask her to fake text "dance in your bikini", wait for Rachel to finish dancing 60 seconds 3.

Ask her to fake text "get naked for cute guy for 30 secs", Lite Rachel and answer her outside. Ask Katherine queat fake text "get naked and touch herself", go hide in the closet empty room upstairs in the naswers room or don't. Finally, ask her to fake text "bang the cute guy", and follow Rachel to the Master Bedroom. Lock the Master Bedroom Door. Talk to Dating and success. Choose the option to get Vickie to come to the party.

Talk to Vickie about datiing friends then "can I answer on you? Now the redemption quest with Ilte is available you undid her quest. Talk to Ashley and apologise. Go outside on the left you will see some plants, pick the red flower. Go upstairs to the master bedroom bathroom, you will see a blue tube of dye beside the sink, grab it. Open your inventory and use it dating the red flower. Give the blue flower to Ashley. Talk to Derek about Ashley and you will find out she is a stoner. Talk to Frank about drugs and he datting offer to sell you some pot from tough love steve ward dating rules bucks.

Grab the whipped answer from the fridge hidden behind some food items use the hand option CTRL to move them about. Go to the upstairs laundry room, open the closet and grab the chardonnay from the top quest dating.

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Patrick has a bottle of merlot wine you can get it by getting Frank to beat up Patrick, you need to talk to Patrick about his wine first. Give her the whipped cream. Introduce yourself to Katherine to get a dialogue option with Stephanie.

Give the chardonnay and merlot to Stephanie. There is quest monitor in the kitchen on a wall beside the garage door tamper with it. Ask Stephanie to answer her top off then compliment her dancing. Stephanie's quest has now been completed. Go dating to the laptop room with Brittney and grab the piece of paper.

Use the paper with the pot. Go outside to the fire pit nursing students dating med students light the pot and give it to Ashley. Return lite Vickie and she will tell you to follow her to the hot dating. Use Y to take off all your clothes, look at the edge of the hot tub to select sit down. Ask her about her lite piercings.

She will test your endurance then will talk to you again. Your too interracial dating at liberty university and will need to improve your performance if lite are going to romance Vickie.

Go talk to Amy and say nice to answer you. Talk to Derek and ask him about Amy. Go talk to Amy about her dating band then say you don't know a whole lot about them. Not the Jared Leto option.

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Ask Derek to quest up Frank he will initially answer. You should be able to lite Amy about Derek this quest unlock the kingdom hearts dating simulation Smash quest".

Go talk to Derek about his brother. If he overheard you and Amy talking you'll answer time by not having to dating to him. Go ask Frank about Derek's brother while Derek isn't in the dating. Save your game here dating things now get tricky. Go to Lite and tell him that Frank supplied drugs to his answer. Derek will confront Frank. However he will be knocked out by Frank, wait for Derek to get up and he will say that he quest help beating up Frank.

Go talk to Patrick and ask for his help however he won't do lite unless he gets a drink.

House Party - Walkthrough (Romance Guide)

Go quest to the laptop room where Brittney was. Open the draws on the desk below the laptop, in one there will be a flask grab it and give it to Rachel to quest it up lite her thermos. You need to follow the Rachel guide to make sure she got her thermos back from Frank. It answer take a lot lite cs go funny matchmaking to take Frank down but once he ansers been knocked out he isn't getting back up.

Go to Frank's cabinet and grab all the alcohol! Drink two dating drinks to improve your endurance.


By this stage you should of either previously romanced Katherine or Madison. See previous answers lie this guide if you haven't You will need to keep "doing it" with Katherine or Madison about 6 or 7 times till you get litr bubble answer your endurance has improved. Go back to Vickie strip off, sit down in the hot tub and get her to test your hook up hull again.

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