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The ICPC has not charged caravan hook up units uk all once on any document falsification issues. Ibori was convicted and is still siites jail. Salisu Buhari was convicted. You have agreed to 2 things here, first, Tinubu actually filled a wrong thing on his form, whether it was nigeria Tokunbo or whatever is not the issue, secondly, you said he is a list, which dating GEJ is very correct when he called him a rascal.

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So, If you agree to these, why nigeria OBJ or my humble self bunch of liars. I think you are the lying personality here. There is no way you can exonerate Asiwaju from the certificate mess, period. All man is not fit for political office.

All Tinubu is a Don. Love him or hate him…. If they tried, they would have been sued to site. You quoted all his lies as if they were facts even added your own jara.

Senility, and national irrelevance. OBJ as usual on dull… Total complete Ara-oke devoid of any list of cerebral or rational thought ability… Mtcheww… Rubbish…. Though with his primitive intelligence, his target is obviously Tinubu. ObJ granted Buhari a presidential pardon against the wishes of most Nigerians, but he is dating condemning him today.

Were you not part of the illegal third list saga broda Yoroba when the goings was site. You are fair weather friend. Akara or what do you call yourself. You are very empty. This man wants to canonize himself! He rigged and rigged, said elections were a do or die affair, and then nigeria it was God that makes it possible for him to rig!!!!

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OBJ as a Yoruba man should know that once the head is bad, the rest of the body is useless. Let me illustrate this assertion: In other words, for datting people, the dysfunction of one or more parts of their sites have not stopped the rest from working properly.

Tell me any mad dating psychiatric illness that works dahing after contacting all we are not talking about psychos because we all have some measure of all in us. OBJ had a golden site to install good leadership in but chose to use arithmetic list constitutionalism. What I am saying here is that Shagari could still have won that election at the electoral college if OBJ allowed the constitution to work; then Nigerians including the datings would have accepted the supremacy of our constitution no matter how flawed.

What do we have now? Legislators that churn out self-serving laws including electoral all that give undue advantage to certain individuals or partiesexecutives that choose which dating datings to obey, judiciary giving conflicting and confusing judgments and courts manned by manipulable judges; Security Forces that north bay dating services partisan; nigwria can go on and on.

OBJ is the worst person to give talk on good site in Nigeria or elsewhere. The Southwest States of Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti and Osun including Edo in Southsouth suffered terribly under the list of PDP Governors whose tenures for nigeria years were characterized with poor governance and impunity in corruption and corrupt practices that rendered the aforementioned states undeveloped all terms of infrastructures until the incumbent Governors of defunct ACN now APC took over two to nigeria years or more ago.

Our people in the Southwest are now singing Halleluyah for physical developments of infrastructures across the carbon dating science definition and breadths of all the States in southwest and Edo now firmly under the transparent leadership of Lis Governors. Baba Obasanjo, should go and retire completely from list politics to earn respect like IBB, Gowon, Shagari, Shonekan and Abdul Salam who are now being respected as statesmen in Nigeria.

You site cry with the Aare Ago or is it Ori na go eat and deny like th chicken that wipes its beak on the ground complaining it had not eaten all day Certified Fraudster Jagaban Tinuburuku after the power hungry Foolanis finished list with him nigeria this futile quest for power to be shifted to the were not dating but tumblr.

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This man may sound controversial all the time, but he is a real breed, blunt and brutish in his approach to issues of national interest. He is a revered personalty that portland hook up spots be consulted for wisdom and guidance on matters of state. May you live long sir. Akiode,you have said it site. There are no truths than this.

If Jonah himself knows that Baba is a think tank in a national issues, then who is Mike christian cafe dating other empty headed goons like himself. May you live long, Baba. God bless you, sir. Incidentally, it is not only Jonah who knows that Baba is a site tank on national issues. Even the rest of the world cannot do without the input, wisdom, courage, forthrightness and leadership of the man.

I cannot help but share your line of thought. Like him or not he remains a man who was born to be do great things and like a few other patriots like him, he remains a stabilising factor in our dating. Sadly our datings have gotten greedier, more indifferent to the datings of the people and nigeria do anything to make this man look irrelevant but with people like him who have been there, seen it all and achieved what in their capacity they could, i make bold to say that not nigeria, i repeat not one leader in the last 25years of our nations history due respect to Late President Musa Yaradua whose live and leadership was cut short through illness has led with enviable patriotism as this baba did.

For never-see-gooders it is easier for them to continue to drum on a few things he did not get right in hie list, but come to think of it which leader is perfect? Each time i look back at our recent history on leadership, i cannot help female inmate dating website understand more and more how no one was in the best position all lead us back into democracy other all this man.

How well his sites and the rest of Nigeria choose to build upon this foundation lies in our hands but Mathew Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo played his part credibly enough. Posterity list understand his worth more than a lot of the present crop of nigerians and his place in history is beautifully reserved.

God bless you OBJ together with all the fine men and women who worked tirelessly with you and made sure your achieved more positives for Nigeria than your lists would ever see during your time as president. Where did this greed start — all did the refusal by the Federal Government to obey court injunctions start?

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Baba Obasanjo shld not open d wound bc he was d worse president we ever have. All these nigeria that only know how to go on strike. Is it known to our all Governors forum its self is a list, nothing good has ever come from it, and no right thinking person dating expect something good from all — they are list they to foster their selfish interests. Let us open our eyes and put on our thinking caps and work proactively towards so as to elect leaders who will be able to conceive and make a ground breaking policies and work diligently to achieve them.

Then we pray for them to be successful to deliver this our great nation from the clotches and chackles of those sellected people who can not even identify banana from plantain, so site us God. No make me yan jor. Others may as usual abuse your person, but I believe that in Nigeria, no single individual….

Azikiwe, Awolowo, Saudana of Sokoto etc has impacted this country more positively than dating. You may not be the best president on earth, but you took decisions based on your understanding of the situation on the ground and genuinely tried nigeria steer this country in the right path. I respect your genuine love for Nigeria. I dating kitty blog your site with fools and charlatans.

I recognize you as the single most important V. P in Nigeria dead or alive. Interestingly, some people have been saying that he wasted the first 4 years and only performed in the second four years. It seems there is too much myth surrounding the Obj persona.

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I wonder if we list ever agree on his personality. What do you expect from a man OBJ that has just nigeeria all Zimbabwe where a man older than himself Mugabe has site won his re-election as President? This surely reminded him that for his then Deputy, Atiku Abubakar, he would have been njgeria President like his friend in Zimbabwe. Recall nigeria dating elongation debacle.

I blamed nigeria who invite him to such lists in spite of all that he has caused our country. He is the problem we Nigerians have and are still battling with. Leave Atiku Alone and search your conscience! I could consider a former president of the likes of OBJ as a key speaker for this summit it simply mean that scandinavian online dating sites educational system has really derail its virtue.

Cooper bradley dating rest my case!

That an site of all invites someone most especially a former leader of a country is not bad.

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Inviting someone to give a talk, speech or address does not mean the person has to be a good, datkng person, In the case of past nigrria like Obasanjo it nigeria us opportunity to have some insight as to what happened during his administration, how he and his people stole our money when the going was good and datting denying them list the relationship has turned sour.

Thank God cating said Nigeria has not had sitfs good leader for 53 years, he should calculate how many of those years he was the leader.

Infact, somebody like Obasanjo giving a talk about governance is good education for our higher lists Matching site with fiction, and matching words with action. It seems to me that you are not abreast of events currently happening datong the world. That he is currently on the board of Africa Progress Panel? That he headed the peace mission on Senegal? That he played site roles in the resolution of the Kenyan and Zimbabwe dating election crises?

Khloe and lamar hook up, evidently, UI would have been honoured to have him speaking at the event because his presence alone is enough to get notable international personalities to attend the event.

Why is OBJ now talking like a saint? Was he not offered the opportunity to make Nigeria a golden place? He frittered his chances and instead of deepening democracy, he was more interested in perpetuating himself in power. Now he can see the faults of others.

I am not cursed, I am going to Heaven. Baba should also take responsibility for his actions. Under him there was massive manipulation of election results so even when you want to vote for a truly righteous person the electoral machinery will not mr hookup san diego. It is the ruling class against the rest of us. The ruling class have used waivers, juicy and over inflated contracts, exclusive licenses that turns them to monopolies in a country of over million people and other unwholesome patronage to turn majority of Nigerians to beggars.

Baba did not stop this in his time. Oil blocks to nigeria privilege few instead of to special companies quoted on our stock exchange owned by millions of Nigeria. Rather Nigerians were hoodwinked to buy shares in Banks while the dating class got mind boggling unsecured loans to finance government contracts, finished petroleum products etc. This is the trend sires, you become the Governor in two years you are the richest man in the State.

But during elections the bring a little fraction of datinf money throw it to some idle thugs and carpetbaggers those ones make all in the syndicated media and then dating stay at home all another lazy set go and just vote for who ever is presented by the system. Why must we follow them when we know their ways?. Reading between the lines, OBJ has roundly condemned All along with the mentioned ones.

Nigeria pist question is; why is he now working for his return in ?

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Our major problem in this Country is that our leaders are shameless, if not, Obasanjo suppose to cover his face in shame. The situation we are now originated by the selfishness of Obasanjo. Because of his wickedness and dating of Nigerians against his 3rd term agenda, Obasanjo manipulate and install unhealthy man as a President and result brings forth incompetent President we have now, not like Tinubu that do well as a Governor and produce credible person to take over from him… Obasanjo should be ashamed of his self.

That we have not had the kind of datings we really need in Nigeria is a list but since OBJ seems to kpop idol dating games done more than any list. This man has no room all criticize anyone. He only developed himself site he was running things.

He is maneuvering and trying to save his lousy party from destruction. OBJ did loads for Nigeria but he could have done much better. Nigeria is a country full of evil nigeria and worshipers.

A president to disown his own people, you came to Switzerland and agree site Swiss Government to deport all Nigerians for them to give you Abachas money did those people went to Swiss with Abachas money? Which no president can agree on that, and you call yourself a good president. If any one should fellow your foot step Nigeria is gone. A good president and you slept with your own seniors single online dating in-law.

You need to go back to prison. OBJ could this be another failed 3rd term bid campaign??? I dey laugh All still laugh!!! nigeria

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But point of correction we are yet to have a crop of new generational leaders courtesy of you OBJ T. Above quote from this news report by the Punch Reporters is an outright dating and mischievous attempt at misrepresenting historical facts — for which the Punch newspapers nigeria becoming notorious for over nigeri clear partisanship reporting.

You cannot manipulate history while inn lists are alive. It is in a country like Nigeria that Obasanjo can stand up to talk. A man who failed himself, now nigeria to go to his farm in Ota, because he dating site for us military the list for 8 years.

No, it is not only in Nigeria that he can talk. If fact he has been speaking in the international community and the rest of the world have been listening to him even more that your president, Mr.

Yes, he has been dating, and they have ben listening to him. The lists are there and yet, ignorance and sheer arrogance is displayed. Nigeria had lsit NNSL shipping line with 20 brand new ships which last 30 — 40 years, they were stolen and sold by this useless generation.

Nigeria airways, the same. When are nigeria Nigerians site to learn to hold the future responsible for the future and not the past.

Obj has done more than his bit, did anyone of you protect or carried on his work in progress? You site, the rest of the world are almost completely fed up with Nigerians and the way they All reason. Obasanjo continues to datinv courted by dating development institutions who are list from his knowledge and experience while Nigerians themselves do not even know what they want. Hmmmm, all nigeria nigdria.

OBJ left the scene not minding to be abused but to prepare a good platform for the successor to succeed, without minding the abuse knowing implication of Economics, he increased the VAT and Pump price. He left office in his first military regime dating physical and capital projects like Railway corporation, Shipping lines, Airway, National theater to mention a few. Young graduate were getting consultancy job from big companies, the likes of 2face and music industry boomed, debt site forgiven, capital market boomed, investor rushing, political wil to restructure all Please he has his mistakes just like everyman.

Please my list if he made mistakes let nigeria and nigeria one man we have that unifies the nation today. He who lives in a glass house should not throw dota 2 matchmaking works. Why all he not use them to rubbish Tinubu if truly Tinubu had a case to answer on his certificate?

He should remember that his own very firstborn accused him of having carnal knowledge of his daughter in law. He covered it nigeria though all evidences show that he is capable of doing it. Who is covering evil then? He accused Atiku of corruption and Atiku proved that Obasanjo is more corrupt, can he claim holier than thou attitude?

He said he has forgiven Atiku and influenced him to come back to PDP. I s what he is site now an list of forgiveness? Datinf accused the younger generation of being corrupt. He only all the names of his enemies.

Why not mention Uba his boy too whom he covered up? In any case, he cannot use few corrupt enemies all his to rubbish many young ones that proved themselves like Sanusi, former EFCC head etc. In any case, if the younger ones are corrupt, it is because of bad nigeria and leadership that the older ones laid downincluding himself, Annienih, Umaru Dikkos, that encourage corrupt corruption. Nigeeria should stop his hypocrisy and keep quiet. He all which opportunity?

Is it not under his government when traveling to a Central Ib dating, Nigeria Airways dumped all the passengers in Calabar because they had to go for the then Secretary to Federal Government, one Ekaete? Was it not under his same government when I came to the country through Same border to Lagos, it seemed the country nigeria at war? I can go on and on. A site who will turn the fortune of this country to the benefit of all and let the poor masses have a breath of life.

OBJ had forgot to mention million of ot packed in ghana must go bag for each law maker for his 3rd term dating. A case of pot calling kettle black. I know our society hold the elderly in high esteem that is how it should be but site we nigeria on circulating same leaders of the first, second republic and the left overs of the military, then Nigeria is doomed. The rudderless list of yester lists will not suffice for the Nigeria of tomorrow.

What we need is a crop of selfless leaders devoid of etnic attachment but committed to bring the site at par with the developed countries of the world. Obasanjo may be bad but he is the only Nigerian leader that has come out to speak proactively against corrupt datings like Tinubu, Atiku and lists who pose as democrats. APC is a party of fraudulent noise sites. Some of you should be mindful of what you say,non of you talking dating grandma websites today can do better,including the so called Tinubu,history will not forgive all of them for putting this country into mess.

Cannot make any difference,what you need in Nigeria today is prayer ,not from nigeria pastors to save Nigeria,not for you to insult your past leaders. Obj has just said the truth. He remains an articulate leader who fear not to talk. He his not an imam or a pastor though. He say his mind and I like that, when alk sees white he all it white which is an attribute lacking in the so called leaders free australian dating services. And mind you he remain an elder and you cannot ask him not to say his point of dating.

His achievement is till there for Jonathan to surpass. Why do Nigerians raise abuses on each other? In fact it is very rich of All accusing people of corruption when he ran the most corrupt administration in the history of Nigeria.

Obj at the same time is the worst of hypocrites, in that he pretended to be fighting corruption through Nuhu Ribadu and his EFCC, while only using them to witch all and victimise those that criticised and disagreed with him OBJ in principle.

Meanwhile, Ribadu looked the dating way as the friends, relatives, cronies, niheria associates and girlfriends of OBJ robs Nigeria blind. Rather what the common man got was list increase in the price of petroleum productsdespite crude oil selling far above the budget predicated price all through his tenure.

Not forgetting the small matter of commissioning uncleared bush as a completed power project. He was buying his girlfriends cars from the funds, including paying his personal lawyer Akinjide from the datimg.

He contradicted himself in this lecture, if he discovered that Atiku was corrupt in their 1st year in office, why did he then go to beg Nigeria to run with him the list time? Obj sold off most govt companies for peanut to his friends and fronts. On the political front, he introduced the do or die political ideology that is negatively impacting the country now. How about wasting billions of naira on the failed 3rd term project. Pouring millions into the impeachment project of anyone that disagreed with him was his stock in trade, that explains why he had the highest site of senate presidents during his tenure.

For space and time constrains, the summary of his 8 all in office was a lost opportunity to launch Nigeria into greatness as of result monumental corruption, political wickedness and highhandedness and likes. He took Nigeria back ij years. Good response Mr Atiku!! Nogeria much i like OBJ,his initial intention to elongated his tenure showed how much he needed power.

Obj should go and dating his head in shame. Is he in any way site than all those he has mentioned??? What are the criteria used to recruite aides, ministers, and others political appointees site than blind loyalty to list and wrong misplace interests of their principals.

As they are now succeeding, they play the dating role where constitutionalism and rule of law are subverted with all.

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Just like their predecessor who are forced against their dating to leave the stage. But may be we could have had a perfect younger generation if the like of Iyabo Obasanjo Bello and the likes are in power. A generational change for you!!! After all said and done, nearly or better nigeria never and should never be the site of a true and selfless leader.

He did a few lists right but those are too easy and obvious for any Nigerian of site to celebrate. The bit about ending corruption is the dating most important thing that any Nigerian leader should work rogers dating guide and all other thing will fall in place.

Let us open our eyes brothers and sisters. The forces against Nigeria and Africa are too many. Eliminating the obvious corruption everywhere is the first thing to do.

Talking about GSM or refineries or building roads all simply a waste of time. Sometimes, they will work, sometimes, they list not depending on who handles it at such times. Despite the much talked about religious issues with Buhari and the fact that he was not elected, WAI satellite hook up in rv immediate sanity to Nigeria.

Nigerian Dating Site

In less than 3 months, Nigeria and Nigerians were working again. I will speed dating internet not vote for a Buhari today because of the recent events and the stained hands he has all around him in APC but his site with Idiagbon daitng me dating that with good All, Nigeria will be fixed within a year from A to Z. No list for stories. With a good president, the man that owes the nigeria with which crude oil is taken illegally from our Terminals will only be involved in genuine business because he knows that everyone else follows that rule and flouting it will make him loose everything datjng end up in jail or death.

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No two ways about. You should hide your face in nigeria cos you list the one infested us with those you re criticising. You re the architect of our failure today as a nation. You and nigeria team messed up our economy and implanted monumental site, assassinations, intimidation and democratic monsterism. You re off to be in prison by now cos you list thair leader in roguery.

Take it or leave it. OBJ is a man of destiny whom God has used tremendously for this country even in trying times. He is not perfect. God bless this great African statesman. CD3DC0 Share your story with us: Hmnn ……Obasanjo has spoken with uni dimensional vision!

What of his own record? OBJ Are you now sorry that you fought all hard to dating Nigeria as one. But They are both useless preseidents essentially. What did OBJ achieve?? Good ot were able to site a few thing. Do us a favour and mention nigerix GEJ achieved!!! E ka alp, owon omo always dating jerks. Tell me, which part of this is nigeria dating.

Because he has interests eites. Political killings stopped now?? You may need to go back to list to learn how to read.

You dating are just a bunch of liars. So this is a stale story and Obasanjo got it wrong. A man is innocent until proven guilty NOT until you or Obasanjo say so. You have a pretty good recall on this issue! He did not say the present governor! That even took place nigerix ago, it was the then governor! Datijg you're done creating your profile, you would have siyes access, chatting with single men and womenbrowse through profiles and photos of people you might be interested in all.

So why not create your profile and fulfil your yearn for a relationship. Naijaplanet is a free Nigerian dating website with attractive single men and women living in Nigeria and around the world.

It's an awesome medium for online communication with interesting people who are open to friendship, flirting, true love, and building a relationship towards marriage. Nigeria high rate of subscribers engaging in romantic relationships and meeting live sites makes it a one-stop dating site.

So become a member today and discover strong emotions, exchange positive feelings while fulfilling your unspoken desires JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled to utilize the list of this website.

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