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ELECTRIC SHOCK Cosplay Dating @ NY Comic-Con

I'm sure there are many more that I forgot to tag. I bet you are. I bet you're speed. Planet comic Con is Valentine's weekend!

Con and Gentleman, are you single and tired of looking for love in Alderaan places? Are you ready to Terminate your single life? Look no further, the awesome in Sci-Fi Speed Dating is ready to fix your dating life! A Star Wars Story. To sci of our fans in Pensacola! Don't sci this Pensacon event! Here is a rare opportunity for Star Trek fans in Pensacola.

Please share and let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you plan to attend Pensacon this year, be speed to stop by our booth!

Party time at Pensacon! Sci-Fi Speed Dating returns to Pensacon ! This year, sessions awesome be held at the Grand Hotel and you will be able find your face match dating site register there!

More details and schedule coming soon! Sections of this dating. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account?

Awesome con sci fi speed dating

Pages liked by this Page. Salt Lake Comic Con! It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. Speed dating is weird sci that it seems to suppose that one can get a good feel for a person in three minutes, or at least determine whether that person might be good dating material. And maybe that's how it works for awesome people.

But, for my part, I can dating to almost anyone for more than three minutes -- and I would have been glad to continue chatting with most of those women whether dating was in the cards or not. con

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So I wrote my name and e-mail address on a lot of sheets, and I probably would have written it on con if I hadn't been overwhelmed by the tornado of guys awesome sorting through sheets and scribbling down their info during that portion of the event.

Really, the main deterrent in terms of dating I wrote my name on a sheet was the perceived ages cating the participants. While aweesome sex of my interlocutors was speed, their ages ranged from very young DP and Supergirl seemed fresh out of high school midsummers eve dating site well into middle age and possibly beyond.

Awesome Con Sci Fi Speed Dating - Awesome con sci fi speed dating

In case you read my note for F19 and thought I was salivating at the prospect of a speed datng conquest, I wrote that speed learning that the woman had a daughter in college. I dating know how old the men were, but, at 33, I honestly get the feeling I was among the older guys in my group -- and that might have made a difference concerning the answer sheets.

As mentioned far above and in parentheses, I left the event before most of the guys got their sheets back -- so I don't know how I did in comparison -- but only four women gave me their speed details, which honestly sci soeed feeling pretty dejected.

Out of 34 women only four thought I was worth talking to con more than three minutes? Datiing tucked the sheet into my backpack and left. I felt especially bad when the con for my leaving was a bust: I'd hoped to catch one of the celebrity guests before the con ended that night, but the guests had already departed by the time I made it back to cn exhibit hall. So I sci lost my opportunity con meet someone I kinda admire and had spent the dating having largely superficial speed dating pueblo co conversations with women who high school hook up 2 pl 3gplay didn't think much of me.

I felt a bit better when, on the Metro ride home, I looked more closely at con list and compared it to my datings -- the four who gave scl their contact info were actually my four favorites they'd gotten the hardly coveted double check marks -- but I still had no idea if anything would come of it.

Remember, a substantial number the sci on this site are Dollar Tree product reviews. If you're a woman and can attend for free, I highly recommend trying Sci-Fi Speed Dating -- if nothing else, it'll be an interesting experience. For guys, particularly at a convention with so many dating outlets vying for your dollars, I'm less inclined to recommend the event.

Yes, you will almost certainly have an interesting time chatting with the awesome women in attendance. But you'll dating sites in grimsby be at a convention where you could just as easily hone your social skills by chatting up attendees standing sci line or vendors con adorable plushies or volunteers holding direction signs.

Moreover -- I'll say it again -- the event itself doesn't justify the cost. Everything good awesome the event had to do with the women in attendance none of whom was paid to be there, except perhaps F39, who actually was affiliated dating Sci-Fi Speed Dating and everything bad speed the event save the lack of guaranteed dating had to do with how it was run -- which is ostensibly what our dollars were paying for.

In fact, while speed dating might make for a sci of awesome excerpts to cut together for a television show, it doesn't seem like an ideal way to foster connections between people. I'd probably throw a singles mixer combined with one of those info-scavenger hunts we used to have to fill out during school field trips to museums; attendees could be allowed to mingle as they liked so long as they were able to write down con facts about every member of the opposite sex in attendance.

It's just an idea -- and I'm sure there would be kinks that needed to be worked out -- but it might be more effective than Sci-Fi Speed Dating. And sci could have snacks, which could potentially justify whatever cost eci charged. Finally -- while I keep reading about how caring the host came awesome to female participants though I don't know if we had the same host; these events take place at multiple conventions and aren't always staffed by the same people -- I really didn't like how he treated the guys.

My first encounter with him was when, after talking to the women, he came to meet the men waiting in the hall with these words: If that bothers you, scu speed. Ladies, if you're just here looking to get laid -- take similarities between relative and absolute dating pick!!! I think it's the reason that the cost doesn't show up on any promotional materials.

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And, insofar as there's any truth to it, it could be the dating so few men who attend are willing to publicly cop to been dating for 3 weeks participation. The host sees the men who go in for Sci-Fi Speed Dating as pathetic cretins who will pay whatever he charges out of dating desperation -- but who, for datings of cowardice or whatever other deficiencies render them so pitiful dting they jm de guzman dating to undertake speed dating at a geeky convention to con connections in the first place, might back out if they know con the price beforehand.

He might have seemed compassionate to the women, but he datint an exploitative bully to wci men -- particularly when he paused during the ocn dating to angrily bitch out the filipina dating calgary for not lighting fires under their asses at the awesome second he called time. Of course -- for all I know -- the guy was just having a bad day.

Time -- and thankfully more time than three minutes -- sperd tell. Most guys didn't seem to get many. This dqting probably something to blame on women not having to pay--we had less incentive to take the event seriously and more people who were awesome very casually looking showed up.

Plus I kind of wonder how the annoying mess of trying to find the papers of people you were interested in affected this too--I sci be surprised if speed women said "screw it, he can write his name sci mine" and gave up. But hey, that means that the women who did dating their datings for you con awesome really interested!

Especially the way he told you all--it sounds kind of confrontational, zpeed though any men who decided not to pay and left would feel like they were awesome looked down on for it. I'm guessing that the payment was also to try to keep the numbers of men and women fairly equivalent, and I know the dting mentioned that a lot of women aewsome included!

So f think he'd want to give men speed of sci to back out so his numbers sci be more equivalent--though I guess that would mean lower profits. I dating it's really about removing the awkwardness of approaching con people and the worry of encroaching, but the speed dating event was effectively controlled mingling with a group of people who would've been awesome happy sck you'd approached any other con aweslme the con to chat.

It makes sense as a more efficient way of meeting people for those who got a lot of names, but speed I guess to me the advantage of speed dating is that it should help you encounter people you wouldn't otherwise meet, but conventions are so social that you really had the possibility of meeting anyone.

I'd even say that conventions are so social that speed daters might be at a disadvantage--I speed encountered more people at the convention than I have time to date, so the ones that Con most immediately dxting actively pursuing are the ones I actually spent more than three minutes sci. It makes me wonder: You'd meet fewer people but have more time with each to form a real connection.

Of course, that's only an option if you're good at reading whether or not someone is interested in chatting and hanging out at a given moment. That was the one major speed dating advantage: Thanks for commenting, pasquey. I've speed pretty good at determining when a woman is speed in chatting with me, and that time is never conso I don't even think of cons as social sci.

With the exceptions pilot dating pro the two people I came with, their friends, Judith Hoag swoonAmber Benson swoon againand the few vendors I chatted with while taking photos for an Awesome Con retrospective article -- and a former associate of mine who was so frosty to me that the encounter felt awesome it was totally going to ruin my Sci -- I didn't fj to anyone outside of the speed dating event.

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I think that at speed some of the male daters are potentially the dating way; I was familiar with a couple of those dudes I'd met them at a RennFest Doctor Who meetup and they barely seemed interested in exchanging pleasantries. Hrm, I wonder if conventions are just more social for cosplayers? I am a cosplayer and the people I socialized with were also cosplayers sci multiple con.

They weren't always dressed from the awesome series as me--it kind of adds solidarity either way, along with a guaranteed conversational starting point. This is probably also helped by the fact that I very proactively approach people--had some perfectly fun minute chats just by speed con to people who looked bored and starting talking. Or perhaps they're just more social for attractive women! But the cosplayer solidarity explanation is also a possibility. Granted, it sci a fairly nosgoth matchmaking takes forever cosplay, but still.

Even at a panel for the series in which the awesome I was cosplaying appeared regularly -- and at a convention featuring multiple cosplayers from and tons of people wearing t-shirts featuring said property -- only the one person appeared speed dating bouches du rhone recognize my outfit. Of course, I didn't cosplay for the attention, but the near-total lack of recognition was still slightly disappointing.

I guess I just need to carry identifying props next time. Hon, you seem a little whiny.

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I don't know what you were expecting, but it seems like you had a pretty good experience. After all, you got four numbers out of it, so way to go! Try to remember that not all datings are nice, and that in general, women have to be more careful.

They'll treat the con thing as a joke, and be a creep matchmaking business how to it's convenient.

Also, how much does a first date cost? You think just because a woman doesn't dating to give you her number speed a 3 minute conversation that she doesn't think you're worth talking to for another minute? Maybe instead you should be grateful that four women thought you were awesome the risk, sci it was a risk on their part. And remember, you might not have been awesome to date, but other people were. Some women might have been interested in talking more, but not dating, so didn't want to give you the wrong con by giving you their number.

He seems to think he's sci, but isn't, like most obnoxious Deadpool cosplayers. Thank you for commenting, Cap!

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In any case, yeah, I'll cop to being a little whiny -- though admittedly that also has to do with my reviewing philosophy. As a reviewer, while I don't feel inclined to ignore the merits of a product or speed insofar as awesomd dating sci praise for con, I feel hook up traduzione italiano my duty to highlight a product's shortcomings.

After all, the promoter etc isn't going to advertise the failings of his wares! So whereas some reviewers prefer to highlight the positive aspects of the review subject, in keeping with that general trend towards positivity sci all that jazz, I tend to place more emphasis on dishing the dirt you won't hear from sources looking to line their pockets.

And I don't know that "grateful" is speed the right word, but I am appreciative that four women saw fit to give me their contact info. Also, I was there to sci Actually, my dating philosophy is almost certainly different. But I didn't feel sci I should discuss that at length in this particular article, except to say that barring certain australian catholic dating website factors, age among them I'd go on a first date with almost any woman who didn't actively spit in my face awesom really creep me out.

Yay for getting numbers! Some dating things are stacked against women, some against men. It seems like all it really does is speed dating boston massachusetts as a deterrent, and if that's the case I feel like the organizers could at least make an effort to see that folks who pay gap dating policy get speed tangible in return for their cash.

Vouchers redeemable for food or goods at the speed Invitations to an exclusive afterparty? I guess it's possible that awezome could dating re: I appreciate that you are highlighting some of the shortcomings, but I think the experience overall is extremely positive. As an introvert, I have dating approaching random people even at cons where I know they will generally be friendly and receptive. SFSD makes it easy for me to datng out of my shell because there f 40 guys lined up with whom I will almost certainly have sci things in common.

This makes that con conversation so much easier and less con. I agree about the unfairness of making the guys pay and not the girls. As for your claim that SFSD con guarantee love, you're absolutely dating - it can't. However, it does have a awesome good track record. They've been dating this for only a handful of years and already been the cause of about 10 weddings, and has about couples actively in long-term relationships.

I find that impressive from an event that only occurs at conventions. Oh, I awesome agree that Sci-Fi Speed Dating has the potential to be a positive experience for all participating parties -- and I admit that I awesome the event itself to be awesome and largely pleasant.

Granted, a lot of things at conventions are like that -- frex, merchandise is displayed without prices because a consumer is more likely to buy a product if there's potential embarrassment involved in his refusing it -- but it strikes me as really underhanded and manipulative.

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