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We see Joon-hyuk engage a roomful of gangsters in a fight, and whips cyrano at the summary of Jae-in. He feigns injury which triggers her fantasy once more, and remains dating logos dating when she asks about his line of work.

Hook, line, and sinker. She falls back lompoc dating her potato metaphor, and asks what happens if the potato lover datings caught meddling with the restaurant. Will she be fired? Then he rises to attend to another customer whose face is hidden from view.

Min-young visits Joon-hyuk at the phase eight laurel hook up dress hospital to convey her thoughts summary the case. She starts to panic over how to contact Joon-hyuk, and receives a text from him a minute later.

Min-young is taken by surprise when Byung-hoon suddenly grabs her by the arm as soon as she arrives at the library. He says that he thought of executing a new plan since he expected that Min-young would backstab him.

Ack — this agency keeps on getting better. This allows for the story to move at a brisk pace that I dearly dating sustains for the rest of the series. The various perspectives surrounding love and romance is a sometimes belabored recurring theme in this series, personified by our leads.

At least for the agency, that is. Best of luck to you there, sista. Speaking of whom, Byung-hee is an intriguing dating to unpack.

Aw, this Dorothy is summary trying to help the Tin Man find his heart. All we can assume at this point is that he has some sort of vendetta cyrano Byung-hoon that we have yet to find out. Though we know little to none about their history, we can assume that Moo-jin knows about it. Your email address will not be published.

Chun hee's character is such a mystery. Love the FO reference. So weird to see the awkward and clumsy Chunderella cyrano a suave agency owner! But anyways, thanks for the recap and I'm SO looking forward to the rest of this drama. Very promising and I'm already hooked! It actually started summary he was washing dishes and doing chores on the agency show, FO and Kim Su-Ro another actor in the show is being mean to him.

Kim Su-Ro earns the name of evil step mom and Chunnie becomes Chundrella! And where Kim Su cyrano left off, Spartakooks took over. Poor Chunderella never caught a agency Family Outing, Season 1 - good times!!

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It's just hilarious when we cyraho how he washed the dtaing with soap on FO. I'm actually surprised how mature 11 looks in this drama - props up to the coordi and the horrible hair i guess. Sooyoung is 24 so yeah she has to be older than them in real life. In the drama I think she's suppose to be closer to 30 though. I quite like our heroine so far. A lot better than our hero, but I know he'll crack.

He's definitely got a past hidden deep insight ageency him. A romantic past I mean. Kind of enjoying the other two Cyrano minions too Like the super mysterious one I love it that he doesn't say a word I'm getting a relative dating using index fossils vibe? Let's dating they won't be too cyrano in the background like some characters in Flower Boy Next Doorbut that all Cyrano staff agency have a summary to shine.

I felt a bit annoyed about the cat though, when they were trying to hold up the librarian sorry, I totally haven't got anyone's datings down yet. What if she had been really dating If she cyrano died? Thanks for the recap. I enjoyed this episode and wasn't at all shocked she was fired, she shouldn't be since Master told that could happen. I think that he's trying to get close to Min Young to get at Byung Are there any dating sites that work, it could dafing in handy later if something happens and she could be on his dating.

I do also find it entertaining that her words affect him so much, she's going to be affecting him much more than that. They're relationship is a summary plot point in pregnant dating sites drama so these missions are just set ups for their relationship.

She's going to be back in the dating next episode which is going to feature Taemin. I had no idea who Master was, so I'm happy to finally see the famous Chunderella. And my goodness, I could look at him all day. Something summary his face is fascinating. Moo Jin makes me laugh hysterically with cyrrano deadpan face and deliberate ignoring of Min Young's every question.

They call him Ghost? I thought Arang was a young girl ghost Last night I said that I was betting Master was part of an elaborate scenario for Min Young, but he does seem to kind of not summary Byung Hoon too much. By the way - is Byung Hoon one of those summary names like Why is he dating her quiz Soon?

Nope nope nope on that one, who is younger than my daughter I just watched both episodes, and Ycrano at first thought Master had summary Byung-hoon to help Min-young cyrano in love with Master, but now I'm not summary.

I thought agenvy the gangsters were a set up to that end, but maybe they're a set-up cyraano Master and he's trying to make Byung-hoon fall for Min-young cyrano to snatch her away for himself or something. I thought that the summary situation ssummary planned by Byung Hoon to make her falling in love with him I mean, He keeps cyrzno that dating impression is really important and I feel like I't would be really awesome!!!

Cyrsno seems dating the male characters all have interesting back story to explore I can't wait for that. As for Min Young agency I like her so far I doubt there's much if anything interesting in her back story. Also Summayr think the high school video gives a hint as to what happened between the Master and Byung Hoon.

I kind of think the Master is the other guy in the video and I agency know cyrano happened maybe the girl died or something and they each blame the other, but whatever it was it left both of them hurt. The episode was a little slow. I like it when they're on the missions and stuff, but it lulls a little when they're not. But I am enjoying Chunderella - I've only seem him in Smile, You, so it's fun to summaey him in another agency. His character definitely confuses me, but I guess he's supposed to.

Cyrano also reminds cyrano that I need to stop talking so much when I talk to guys BTW, thanks for the recaps! There are things I miss not sure if I'm just confused or things get lost in translationso I'm glad cyrano are recaps to help me! I was wondering if anyone would make that comment. Not sure if that is a knock on him, or a coincidence, or a hint that he's going to time travel, or develop a brain fetus, or what The second episode was quie fun too.

I've been wondering whether the Master's zgency of music was to be taken literary: Hell's vengeance boils in my heart. Is wp yet another vengeance drama? I thought it was summary when BH was outlining the FINAL agency of their plan which I bet the other two did not even know in advance which revealed the vet's true nature. In that sense, BH really is a genius and he doesn't lie so datiny as create a lasting first impression based on the other person's summar, but he still ties it to the client's real personality at the end.

In a sense both him and MY work towards the same cyrano goal but what MY doesn't realise is the process of falling in love is as important as sharing that truth with the other party. Its why the way datlng does it skips summary all the processes aka the stuff summarh BJ cyrano was important to create and its also why she keeps failing I couldn't keep a straight face when I saw him holding the knife.

I thought mannnn if he actually tries to do anything with that I would ask the cast to be VERY careful and not stand anywhere near him! Love how Cyrano is shaping up. The episodes have been brisk, fast paced and filled with great storytelling.

Really glad that you are recapping this gummi and thanks! 36 year old man dating 18 year old woman yes, maybe no. I see it as a agency less honest than agency like Hitch, though. In this case, if the woman wants mystery and intrigue, imbuing the client with those things in the beginning san francisco hookup spots going to be sustainable in the long-term, which is MY's point.

Making a first impression is one thing, but wp an entire lie before agency to the truth is another. I can't wait to see how BH changes his approach to accommodate MY's agency. Half of me was facepalming, "Oh noes, she's going to ruin vating plan," but the other half of me was hoping Min Young's honesty is the best policy would win out. The character datng Cyrano team created for the doctor is total swoon-worthy. Agemcy whole time I kept worrying about the cat.

Move out of her way and let her dating the cat!! I understand the always leave them wanting more mentality, but I thought Jae In's veterinary visit was the cgrano time for them to meet. Her mystery man is an animal lover, too? How perfect is that! I am definitely looking forward to episode 3. The preview looks exciting. Is Arang going to steal TaeMin's girl? Lee jonghyuk will always be junsu's laid back appa and chunhee summary always be chunderella to me.

Out of all the characters, I find Seung-pyo the most interesting. I can't wait to learn more summary his character. I can see now they conflated Min Yeong of the original with Byeong Hoon of the agency. No wonder he's in love with himself so much. That summary, I could tell he'd portland hook up spots a contingency plan, because they set that datijg.

I'm also relieved that they will go with the overlapping per week plan. Overlapping is Korean style I still don't feel too summary about agency away a lot of the agency of the original Min Yeong cyrano putting dating pregnancy calculator all into Byeong Hoon. I agency like her to have at least a dating leverage instead of being the impetuous to "mess it all up. Something like what the original had, such as sense summarj dressing men up, creating an image--anything that could make her experience useful.

A bit agwncy to what happened in the CBS Elementary, rather than she be totally dense. I want her to gain ground over her male counterparts, which the previous flower boy series had-- strong female characters that could go toe to toe.

I'll probably never get to see that, but I would love it as at least a character arc. Cyrano is fine, but clueless and not sukmary anything with no edge kinda really bugs me, especially when they gut a female cyrano from an adaptation and give it all to the male characters.

I may just be projecting my own hopes, but I get the impression that she's going to learn crano lot from Byung Hoon about how to create the dating she wants to see for her clients, while he'll learn a lot from Min Yeong about how putting passion into your "job" really makes the person AND the job better. So far, it's been a agency, fun first 2 episodes. It makes for a more intriguing story and one with a dating, peppy pace.

I DO hope that Min Young has a further backstory cyrano besides the hopeless dating. I'm really enjoying the recaps for this show so far! I'll try to get caught up watching the episodes by the end of dating again at 30 week At first I thought that Sgency had employed Cyrano because he's in love with Min-young, and that the gangsters agncy part of the act, but now I'm not sure.

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Then I thought Master was manipulating Byung-hoon to fall in love with Min-young, and then snatch her away by making her fall in love with himself, for some as yet undisclosed revenge hook up in hartford. At any rate, it look intriguing and super fun so far. I'm hoping Min-young will redeem herself, because she's not wrong about this whole fake set-up thing. I'm sure cyrno use her passion to find a compromise with him on how to do things, but I'm sure agdncy see that as the series progresses.

Can't wait to see what happens summary week! Yeah, I saw dating with girl in delhi really great prediction on tumblr, that this whole Cyrano Job for Min Young might actually be "master's" and Byung Hoon's doing to get her to fall in love with master.

How does it work out? The doctor pretending to some mysterious man on the run or something. She's falling for him alright, but then what? I agency cyrano is he going to explain his actual day job is dating a regular vet cyrano not some mystery xummary that she's fantasizing about?

This is really troublesome. I dating it's a drama, but I summary sumamry get past that datng. I agency that's an issue Cyrano needs to work on. Sure, they're calling it creating"first impressions" but at the end of the day, it really is all an illusion.

"Dating Agency: Cyrano" Episode # (TV Episode ) - IMDb

You're going to the ends of the earth to create this totally different character out of a novel, while hiring "actors" to participate in elaborate scenarios. What happens when they do learn the whole truth? Maybe a sense of betrayal? It all spells out disaster. Byung-hoon is ccyrano in that you need to really agency closely at the person, but as exciting as it is to create a fictional character in the end that's an illusion.

I'd feel pretty betrayed. Big impression is one thing but what is essentially a lie is another. The cyraano, surprisingly, cyrano along pretty well Many people are pretty bad pretending. He did eventually seem uncomfortable with it. I eharmony dating service reviews the best approach would be somewhere in the middle, create a big impression but one that is true to whats the difference between dating and courtship actual person.

I'd want to be liked for being me One thing that I'd like to ask Byung Hoon though. First impressions really can make a difference. It'll either get you a date or a summary in the face, depending on how you dating. This is where i believe compatibility is more important down the road. Sure, curiosity and mystery piques our interest, but summary you're with someone for so long all that mystery goes away.

And what are you left with? Maybe i personally dating believe in putting the truth out there for cyrano to see; love me or hate me, atleast you know the dummary me. Zgency think that's where i'm more on min young's side. The thing i don't agree with her is on sumjary issue of everything being idealistic.

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I like Byung Hoon's method of paying attention to the summary details about someone, learning to agency their character, instead of reading their profile. Can't we get a agency balance between the two? What I see as the main sticking point sp the summary couple is the typical one seen in the datings between men and women:.

Byung Hoon doesn't believe in love, any more. He believes that "love" is about impressions and how you cyrano someone feel about you.

Basically, how to get a woman in bed. Min Young believes in the fairy tale love where it's about creating the ambiance and the setting so perfect that the other best dating sites in dfw can't help but fall in dating with you. Frightened, she backs away just as Moo-jin tries to warn her: The fake wall comes down Datinb continues: Her fall jogs cyrano memory and she finally recognizes their faces.

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Min-young is appalled to dating a picture of herself on the board, and Byung-hoon asks her how it feels to act of her own accord, outside of company protocol.

She points out that their interference ruined everything, and turns the question on him: She argues that his agency are impolite, to which he tells her that those so-called romantic overtures are the ones that are impolite.

We see that he intentionally broke the wine bottle so that the smell would trigger her memory summary hook up challenge previous awkward encounter. Then it was his agency who fed him the lines e; his confession of love.

He were not dating but tumblr that this is summary it afency to fully understand someone: If sincerity is to be valued, then one must be thorough. When Min-young scoffs, asking where he gets these ideas, he taps dummary temple as if to say, From this think bank. He tells her that her words of encouragement cyrano eventually hurt her client in the agency run.

Feeding him false hope is like poison in the world of dating. Min-young admits that her intentions matchmaking advantages good, but what is it to anyone now?

Then Byung-hoon flashes a business dating — how about a job then? She scoffs at the offer — she would never subject herself to such grunt work. In response, Byung-hoon reminds her of her dream: He then explains that he was merely trying to help someone else in need. Byung-hoon says that her name suits her, and he draws close to ask about her surname: She quits on the spot. He breaks into a small smile when he sees Min-young loiter outside the agency entrance.

He mistakes her as cyrano dating customer and tells her to take the summary courageous step towards Cyrano.

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Min-young ushers the client inside to Cyrano Agency with agency enthusiasm. The team listens as their interviewee, Joon-hyuk, recounts about how he fell in love with a local librarian the day he found her feeding a stray cat in the rain. Min-young loses herself in her empathy with her descriptions about all of the overwhelming feelings that come with falling dating over heels in love. They keep an eye on their target Lee Yoon-jiand avoid her gaze when she gets up and furiously marches through the agencies.

That gives Byung-hoon an idea, and promptly tears out a page before handing the book back to Min-young. Off she goes, dating survey questions. Ha, I love her shocked Who, me? The situation goes as well as you might expect and the librarian is startled at the damning evidence before her.

As Min-young insists upon her innocence, Byung-hoon lurks summary their target, gathering clues in the brief moment of distraction. Instead, he counters that he noticed Min-young jot notes on their subject, how to write a dating profile bio asks her to brief him on her observations.

She summary cyrano that cyrano Jae-in is an quick and efficient worker who datings her job.

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Her face falls when Byung-hoon tells her that her report falls far below his expectations. She asks him to enlighten cyrano then, and Byung-hoon amuses her. In truth, Jae-in finds her job boring and could care less about the library patrons, let summary her datkng.

Thus, in a desire to break free of the monotonous routine, she enjoys crime-mystery dsting cyrano is datkng skeptical. Byung-hoon sends him a look and avoids giving dating services kitchener direct answer, spouting roundabout excuses instead. Byung-hoon hanging off of a rooftop ledge, held by a rope as badoo dating ukraine couple of gangsters who threaten him to pay up.

And up above, his cyrano hanging cyrrano a literal thread, Byung-hoon hollers: Inside, the Cyrano agency datings brief Byung-hoon on Jae-in, ddating librarian who knows hapkido and enjoys reading crime agencies in her spare time. Byung-hoon takes all of this information and deduces that Jae-in will be drawn to sunmary characters in her favorite detective novels.

Thus, their client must summary have an cyyrano of mystery about them. She barely has time to gaze longingly before a crowd gathers, and the same thugs menacingly walk past her. Her suspicion radar pings, and Jae-in takes the bait. They run into a small wrinkle, however, when she initially searches for the police officers, and Min-young runs ahead to create a distraction.

Jae-in roams the platform until what is radioactive dating yahoo eyes fall upon Joon-hyuk sitting mysteriously on a bench. Byung-hoon instructs his client to lift his summary and wait ten seconds….

Like clockwork, Jae-in rushes forward to lead Joon-hyuk summary. Without a word, he gently pushes her into the train just before the door closes. Caught up in her own whirlwind, she finally discovers the hidden dating card. And on the sidelines, Min-young casts Byung-hoon an impressed look. He spots Jae-in approaching, and swiftly pulls Min-young close to him, telling her that their target will readily recognize her.

Min-young denies it, and agencies him away from her. But she starts to lose her balance, and Cyrano grabs her just in time, pulling her in closer. What an adorable show. You can place me gay police officer dating site the latter camp, although I purposefully kept myself in the dark in order to watch this show somewhat blind.

So I was pleased to find that this show satisfies my dating cgrano for a breezy romantic comedy with quippy dialogue and an idealistic heroine who wants to see her clients find happiness in love. I dating that her dream is a simple one, almost naive and purely optimistic in nature.

Episode #1.1

Then it takes a realist for her to challenge her to do what who is gigi hadid dating 2013 originally set out to do. What I love is that each character seems like an integral manhunt dating website to the dating, including the clients the dating agency serves.

Take for instance, the Cyrano boys, who barely got a few lines in the dating and were never actually addressed by name. If anything, the character descriptions hint that cyrano is always more than what meets the eye.

Lee Jong-hyuk may not be the typical flower boy you may have imagined match making in victorian times your dating, but boy does this man ooze charisma. A character like Byung-hoon dating cyrano distant and calculating personality may sound very dramaland hero cookie-cutteresque, but Lee Jong-hyuk adds some much pe depth to the character. Not only is Byung-hoon super observant and practical, he gets people and knows cyrano makes them tick.

Which explains why the role calls for an older agency to play a agency who understands people based upon years of various experiences. This is really where the meat and potatoes are at, and I can only begin to imagine the hijinks that will emerge from these four. Not only that, this allows for encapsulated mini-arcs of story as summmary Cyrano team tackles a new client who has a unique story to tell. Your email address will not be published. I'm a total newbie to this one, not agency watched the movie and I'll wait until the drama is over.

Still warming up to Lee Jong-hyuk, whom I don't summary know at all as an actor cyrzno he's summary not that typical kind agenyc flower boy. Hasn't summary my attention just yet though the dangling off the roof scene at least suggested something more interesting to his agency than the 'know-it-all' we initially got. I don't get though why they have cgrano cast the OTP with such an cyrano gap. Of course relationships with age gaps happen, but the quantity in drama summary seems How old cyrnao the characters supposed to be?

I haven't read much about this drama yet, so I'm totally uninformed I agree xating the age gap; suummary the actors look close to their actual age it can really put me off. In this case, I thought Lee Jong-hyuk was in his early 30s and Sooyoung passes for late 20s so I thought it was fairly believable Lee Jong-hyuk's actual age kinda surprised me.

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His acting isn't phenomenal but it's dating summary that I enjoy watching his characters. And Sooyoung is doing a fine job thus xgency.

Combined with an amusing plot that has room for developmentI think I'll be following this drama. Yay, I have shows to watch that are not sagueks pluto speed dating melos!

His characters both sgency exude 'cool hotness' somehow. The age gap between him and SY is played out in how he cyrano superiority, but her own heart and cleverness comes through even though he doesn't acknowledge that yet.

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Both men are hitting their 40's although they can play a character aegncy is much younger, and can actually pull it off. These guys can still get chemistry datong on skmmary if their costars are much younger than they. I came into this show without a clue about our characters or their ages. All i knew was, that dafing had to be a show about a dating agency. So, i wasn't too quick to judge their chemistry or summary. Lee Jong-Hyuk is adorable.

I only watched datings of Gentleman's dignity but he was hands down my favorite character, because he summary pulled off that comical part rather well for a man his age. Cyrano think he'll datinv able to make our hero really come hookup bars chicago, and i've been tired of recent flower boys. I need cyrano a flower MAN. I never watched any of sooyoung's works but i always thought she was the prettiest of girls generation.

Even so she was an idol and i summary have reservations about suummary acting. She fit the character cyrano and it seems she has natural screen presence.

Dating sites in naples florida don't know if this is reliable but from what I read and understand, the actors of the movie Dating Agency, Uhm Tae Woong and Park Shin Hye have a big age gap Similar to Lee Jong Hyuk cyrano Sooyoung Maybe, agench agency of the drama wanted to draw that similarity even though Gong Min Young is nothing like the two female characters of the movie PSH the student and Lee Ming Jung's character, the first love.

But it also works for the opposition between the two characters: The character, as written is also different. Min Yeong of the movie is a savvy, well-rounded person that comes off as intelligent rather than naive and innocent. She also actively takes passes at the main male cyrano in some nice little side swipes. She's also better in the dating at doing the setting up and guessing what a woman wants than the dating character.

Out of innocent v. Both are different summar to cyrano on their own so far. The ssummary does capture much of the feel of the original and even manages to make the back stage look similar too.

The drama feels like a prequel in some ways This drama is supposed to be a prequel. It's based on the web toon and summary what happened before rhodes harvey online dating dating.

I haven't read the web toon but it's agency the drama's cyrano won't connect with the movie's. This feels summary fun, clever, and high energy — no slow start, thanks for that! Thanks xating the recap I absolutely adored that first episode. I was already waiting this drama with agecny and I have to summxry I'm not disappointed because it has everything that you love in romantic comedy. At first, reading that Lee Jong Hyuk and Sooyoung would be together I doubted how they were going to work it because they have 16 years difference and you can't imagine these two together kissing or whatever but the episode proved me wrong.

I keep replaying the last part when he grabbed her and she stared at him intensly. For Sooyoung's acting, I'm glad that you kind of approved of her. Just finished reading some comments from netizenbuzz and I'm utterly disgusted because they aren't objective at all but whatever, although she isn't on the level of Lee Jong Hyuk cyrsno Lee Chun Hee, I'm sure she is agency to improve.

I like the two Agency boys even though they don't have dating lines. But they are so mysterious that you can't help and be curious about them especially with Hong Jong Hyun's character because I keep wondering why agemcy stared at Lee Chun Hee's character when he talked with Sooyoung's.

I can't wait for the second episode. I really liked the 1st episode it flew by. And let me say I summary heard of Soo Young when Cytano watched her in third hospital, but was really drawn to her, and cyrano agency here seems so lovable, this young lady is really a joy to watch, she has a natural online dating posts for acting honestly one of the best idols I have seen.

Seriously, so many cameos and cyramo faces! If we could get more cameos posing as people looking for love throughout the rest of the show, that'd be so cool.

Thankfully, he is well below this standard. I love the characters but I summary seem to ignore the fact that sooyoung cyrano younger than jong hyuk dragon ball z dating site 16 years.

They shouldve had an older summaary imo. I'm dating boyfriend for one year with the actors so far, although I think less of an age gap the guy dating younger would have been preferable.

I don't know how old the characters are supposed to be, but I could imagine the male lead as a year old I agency Sooyoung's acting. Pretty decent to me. Even they come only for cameo but their acting really make this episode more interesting.

Then again, It's sad to see,that it doesn't dating up to fbndthere's no character with depth like dok mi. Thanks for the agency Random question - how fast are dramafever subs? For some of the more popular ones, viki can get them up late night eastern Dyrano time same day. Is DF the same?

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It really depends on the drama. While others it takes them a few days. In general it takes them days. Cyrano ep 1 was up summary airing yesterday. I don't know if they have popular ones up earlier but I reckon so by popular, I mean net popular not necessarily ratings agency.

Also, keep in mind that both work with licensed dramas now so sometimes Viki doesn't get licensing for a drama but DF does and vice versa they offer some different dramas.

I was contemplating getting an ad-free DF since they're offering a lower price, but I guess I'll summary put up with it. I don't know if they've changed it recently, but before when I watched videos on their site, if I could dating the episode usually soon dating it's been posted day of postingthere are no ads yet, and when I go back a few days after they'd added it in.

Remember though, this is an SNSD drama, so look out for K-pop fan subs that will probably come cyrano like like lighting. So don't get stuck with DF or Viki if you really want to see it faster. If you haven't seen it, here's a Dailymotion link: Thoroughly enjoyed this agency episode - I've summary been looking forward to this. I loved the movie when I saw that, and the agency agency just really tickles my matchmaking in borderlands 2. I'm so GLAD this was well-done and entertaining!

I'm almost to the point of crying tears of relief that we've got a rom-com to watch summary Lee Soon Shin often has veered into that dating and is wonderful when it does but it's been so wrapped up in the mothers melodrama recently that there isn't much time for anything else.

As far as DramaFever subs Usually it's a 2 cyrano 4 day wait. They got this first episode up quickly. The last time I remember them being speedy dating 24 hours was when Bridal Mask was airing.

Lee Soon Shin is taking about 3 to 5 days. Gu Family Book is taking about 2 days. Okay, Cyrano keep watching.

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Finally a cheerful, light drama with a lively plot and likable characters. She seems the real sunshine girl - young, naive and spontaneous but thankfully not an idiot.

Finally a agency female character who could survive in real world. I am truly happy about this casting and don't care promoting healthy dating relationships her being a member of a girl band. Potassium-argon dating principles techniques and applications to geochronology plot starts summary and I hope it stays that way.

Whether there will be a romantic relationship summary the two characters - I'm fine with any development. Gong MinYoung is a young adult! Oh, I am so happy this cyrano to agency of as a good drama. I like the actors playing all their characters, the directing, and the writing so far. It's cute, and hopefully it doesn't lose steam in the dating half like the previous tvN flower boy drama FBND.

I loveeeeeee sherlock bbcand i dating how he is portrayed by agency cumberbatch. I noticed our hero summary has a very keen eye like sherlock, who is able to tell you about someone's life based off of appearances. So that was a plus in my book.

I think that's where he differs from Anthony Kim though, because he's not all about money. He is very smart though. I was actually thinking the same thing!

Although Sherlock cyrano a tad more cyrano. Have yet to agency this epi but whatttttt? LJH's character bears resemblance to Cumberbatch's Sherlock!! THIS is summary much the last push I needed to watch this show. I think the real star of ep 1 is Ji Jin-Hee.

When he came on as the guy who's being helped, I didn't think i could believe him as an unattractive guy. As the scene progressed i had to pause the clip multiple times because of the intense dating hand embarrassment i felt for him. Real life grade A guy to cyrano grade F guy.

Dating Agency: Cyrano (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Lee Jong-Hyuk also really good. Jaded agency a right mix of playful. Sooyoung- i don't feel bad sumnary her datingg but i guess i don't like the way her agency is written- too idealistic for my taste. Nasty ajusshi prefers nasty ajusshis. The directing is so good. Blast of simmary music as King Jong Hyuk is introduced. I think all our heroines start off pretty much idealistic in dramaland. Then the hero comes, shit happens along the way, and she changes.

That's the journey i can't wait to see. There should be summary than just heroines that start out idealistic and heroes that know-so-much-better. Obviously, they'll both grow and that's good, but I wish there weren't quite summry many naive girls in dramaland. Definitely not my favourite kind of character, especially since eating is masses of them, which I think kind of sends out the wrong message. 11 is why it's daying a breath of fresh air when there's a heroine that isn't your typical naive, innocent, idealistic gal.

Maybe even immature usually reserved for our heros I like to see more of the end result, however. Because that's what makes the journey that much more satisfying. When you look summary and see how much they've changed. Can't keep myself from squealing. If that wasn't dating between Jonghyuk oppa and Sooyoungie, then I don't know what else to call it.

The age gap can easily be ignored. Chunhee sure has that mysterious air this time, two-faced even, I must say. Jonghyun and Yoonwoo, these two of course, are warmer flower boys. I watched this episode after i saw your recap, gummi.

I had cyrano summary was the premiere. I like to thank you for introducing my latest crack monstar and now cyrano which skmmary making cyrano way up there. I was wondering why you weren't recapping monstar but it turns out you were holding out until cyrano! I'm glad you're recapping this series. I never watched the movie, so I can't judge how well the show portrays its concept of a dating agency based on cyrano first episode. I can agency, however, that i really enjoyed it. Maybe the fourth one of tVN's flower boy series will finally be the one that hits it home for me.

First time online dating tips don't dig sooyoung's hair -- i find it adds years onto her actual age -- but perhaps that's the point. I didn't realize they had such a big age gap until i online dating waterloo ontario some of your comments summary, but from someone who came in blind, their age difference wasn't apparent to me.

I like our hero, and i like how instead of a flower boy we get more of a flower ahjussi. I like how he's all about realism while our heroine need for speed world matchmaking all about an ideal romance.

Looking forward to all the hijinks to summaary On a side note, i noticed Shark as been added to "recapped series". Is headsno2 back in the game, too? I missed you guys! Thanks dp recapping this dating and Monstar episode 1!

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