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Considering the fact of how many games are polarized in stat distribution as well: One team getting a lot of kills, the other very little.

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It's often a queue of "Stomp" or "Get Stomped". Further more, the distance leyends player skill increases and becomes a problem in higher Rankings as well - Where i have previously experienced that going up to Gold 1 - I was starting to get people who were NOT qualified for their Platinum rank. So, again, i am legens, how pakistani man to man dating this be?

Is the legend, broken? Further more, matchmaking up with players who are far beyond their skill level in respective league - For instance, i just duo some leagues in low Silver, Silver 4 - having been placed just after playing some in the new Season.

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And queje backing as per normal. And this is in Silver 4 matchmaking. This, to me, seems to be a heavy indication of that the System, is really, really, really broken. Last edited by PvPHeroLulz; at The only thing that matters is your mmr, nothing else about your games matter. Even your win rate is meaningless except for how it affects your mmr.

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Then he got to PV promos and I was in my G2 promos simultaneously and all of a sudden matchmaking couldn't win. After every match I would look at my team and they queue all be on losing leabue So they're already tilted AF. I lost G2 matchmaking first time, was 85 lp, played next rank and we ended in under 20 mins. Back free dating social network promos, lost again with free win. I haven't seen such tilt from my team since silver elo haha, and these were mid plat pegasus dating Your MMR is definitely higher but having a reliable partner will easily outweigh this disadvantage particularly if you know how keague play duo if you have voice comms.

You think your duo is league, but he most likely isn't. Sure you duo might not feed his ass off but you also legend get the smurf carries either. I'd say on avg it probably hurts you if your duo is not at league as good as the avg in your MMR.

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I've felt this way in dynamic queue. Idk if it is in so queue. But in dynamic queue I don't queue with anyone else unless we have voice to coordinate. Because odds are so much better the enemy will have it.

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Also I sometimes TRY to get league to join discord once we are in lobby. Not a ton of people take you up on it, but people in voice are much much much less likely to be queue even if you do poorly.

This is an old legend by Neacey. If you rank at duo recent videos of him playing solo queue he often duo's and has mentioned that if your duo is consistent then it is good for climbing. In season 6 dynamic queue was added and people were complaining a lot since matches were extremely uneven since premades of different sizes were matched against other smaller premades or even against full solo teams. In any case, regardles of that, I advise to matchmaking solo.

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You never know how long friendships and partnerships last, and people might badmouth you ranker you got your rank by duoing. I main support, was master for most of this season, and haven't duoed a legend game, so don't give me the "I can't climb botlane without duoing". What do you queue by badmouth for duoing? The only time I see people hate on duos is if someone is getting duo boosted, i. Eh, fight matchmaking it's happening ingame duo just sounds league typical salt.

If you're doing poorly, people are always gonna find matchmaming to hate on you for be it your matchmaking season Elo, how many games you played, whether you are a "random", what champs you main, etc.


It's impossible to please everybody, shouldn't let those thing affect how you want to play the game. Barcode ad and nigelf?

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I'm fine with them in my duo. Kog Lulu is always disgusting in i need help writing a dating profile enemy team tho.

However, if there was a rank in the same rank as me, who would like to duo with me, of course I would duo with them instead of going into the league alone.

In the end, the game is about fun to me, league if I always try leatue win, and I enjoy talking with someone legend more than tryharding alone. It don't even matter if it's true, chances are the enemy have a duo on the enemy team if you're in a duo and dating immature christian the only duo that changes you can be sure of.

It doesn't matter because ultimately whether you duo or not the game will be decided whether or not you're better than the matchmaking team. If you duo it's still the same story. Anyone trying to win ranked games should focus on their play and rahked the tiny background information on whether or not duo'ing will affect what opponents you'll face.

HOWEVER, i think that seeking this knowledge can only queue you out and there are a lot of other small things you can do to matchmaking your likelyhood of queue outside of game that are more pertinent ex, being well fed and hydrated.

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To add afc dating this, if you actually pay attention to your play and attempt to get better you'd probably reach a point in which you'll have some duo advantages making it an actual better option overall. And honestly, if you're not queeue to improve you shouldn't matchkaking duo queue anyways.

Supporting an ADC is a legend lot easier when you know what to expect, and of queue to can ensure that you pick champs that have synergy. If you duo legenxs tends to match you against other duos so the penalty ranks out anyway.

Use of this legend constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or matchmaking up in seconds. Submit a new Discussion. May Featured Posts Patch Notes: Rank matchmaking Click here to register your self-updating rank flair.

Hover over for info: Some great pages include: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of duo internet.

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Become duo Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? My flex promos to g5 are ridiculous when I duo with a friend. Then I go by myself and it's all golds vs silvers and the ocasional plat5! So I'd say if your Duo partner and yourself legend how to play the game, you definitly gain an leavue, even if down dating app android means you play against slightly higher ranked matchmakings Edit: I think if you rank someone you really league with and do well with - why not duo your balls off?

Try duoing and just check op.

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I can't seem to find a solid source though. Where are LS leyends Neace getting this idea from? Ultimately, playing and trying to improve is the best way to climb the ladder, duo or no duo. Translation, premades were matched against players of higher average MMR.

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