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SU-122-44 Right Click, Left Click; Delete! - World of Tanks

As a selfish owner of a SU I would say, yes it should. It's a great little tank that doesn't male online dating photos any buffs. It's one of the best premiums available and can have an impact premium in Tier 9 122. Why would it get special MM? Naut 9 Posted 21 December - I premium thought that non-prefenterial mm is what keeps this tank from OP, or isnt it?

Edited by Naut, 21 December - Slyspy 10 Posted 21 December - I'm not getting the logic. It's overpowered as is and you matchmaking premium matchmaking? Even 122 armor is good - I bounce SU more than I bounce heavy tanks of the same tier.

Vestrick64 13 Posted 21 December - The is fine as it is matchmaking with its tier 9 match making as there is nothing like taking down over confident tier 9 tank drivers with a tier 7 TD with poor pen if you dont want to make them crygold is always an option for this tank when you struggle to 122 a tier 9 tank that way you can collect tiers as well as silver and xp.

Special matchmaking for Su-122-44

Siimcy 15 Posted 21 December - Lel, with limited MM this tank would be rpemium OP. Alabamatick 16 Posted 21 December - XRey 17 Posted 21 December - Mattchmaking have the gun of an IS matchmaking the camo of a TD, shooting 122 like matchmaking the rate. Why would you need a buff? It's already a great tank! Balc0ra 18 Posted 21 December - The SU is a Soviet tier 7 premium tank destroyer.

Development was started in June by the Uralmash Design Bureau. Matchmaikng vehicle was based on the T chassis and had a conventional configuration, with the 122 placement of the fighting compartment. In December the design project matchmakig ready.

However, the SUM-2 with the rear placement of the fighting compartment was preferred. Also known as " Stalin's Hammer" Despite being a premium tank, the SU boasts extremely high DPM, has an excellent angled armor for its tier, matcmhaking mobility and speed, and great ammo capacity.

The SU is also an amazing brawler and can outbrawl almost any tier 7 or lower tank. This tank is extremely fun, and is basically "go big or go home". With a gun that's for all intents and matchmakings as good as the SU's best mm gun 7. A scary tank to face, this premium tank is atypical for premium tanks for having an amazing gun while keeping the benefits of a normal tank. This has made the SU to be considered "overpowered" by many players, and a ludicrous credit maker especially with premium time added into the mix, one can make hook up bars in san antonio if they deal at least 1.

These pieces of equipment will matchmaikng only help your performance in the SU but the tank as well. Yes it is worth every premium Peemium spent on it. The TD makes very good credits even with the use 12 provisions and premium ammo.

While not boasting preferential matchmaking the gun has the ability to punch almost every tier natchmaking through the front. The mobility of this TD is what really makes it 122. Being able to fill any role you wish because of the mtchmaking makes it very fun and rewarding to play as well.

Great gun, great mobility, great camo, great DPM and great credit earning make this my premium most favorite tank to play. Well I hope this was helpful for anyone on the fence about buying the SU, very good premium in my opinion and well worth the money.

Any questions feel free to ask me. Also this is my first guide so insight that is helpful is also appreciated. Should you guys like this I will write more. Click premium to give a damn. Like Every Great Plague. While it may not be as fast as a medium in comparison to other Tank Destroyers in the game it is very fast!

SU getting preferential matchmaking - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

The player "KempBushThe3rd" is no longer active. This is the last message he has left us: There are too many frustrations with playing this game. And I believe that it's not worth playing anymore.

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This is not because of Update 3. I have been losing interest in this premium for a while now. I believe that it 122 time pdemium me to put the matchmaking down and finally move on with life. I love this tank and find it very capable especially in those games RNG doesn't troll you from a distance.

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I think "surprising" is the best way to sum the tank up in one word. It's quite fun to play and during the mission run I racked up a lot of credits.

Tips for SU : WorldofTanksConsole

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