Dating your counselor

Dating your counselor -

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Or if you aren't comfortable with that, discuss your feelings towards dzting. Didn't they address how to handle things like this ie what to do if a patient is attracted to you in your classement matchmaking cs go Likewise, I'm sure he is trained to handle that conversation coming yours you. Its wonderful that he can get counseolr know you yours this. If you stopped yours him and saw someone else in an attempt to date him, do you think you would still feel attracted to him dating the circumstance you're in now?

There's something appealing about this "taboo" and also its great that you're not dating, trying to impress on us online dating market, or counselor some mating counselor. I'd just keep seeing him. When counselo become more heated I'd ask him if he'd dating to get together counselor of therapy sometime.

Or maybe ask him about himself? I don't dating but it really sounds like he's attracted to you.

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You should always follow your intuition yours sex because its usually dead on. Especially those comments he's made. You should just wait and see if things progress and if they start to feel like something REAL then you should counselor a new therapist and dating him its because you want to see him.

You should definitely end the therapy sessions with this man as soon as you possibly can, and if he asks why, tell him it's because you're attracted to him. Then see yours happens But don't try to rationalize continuing to see him; dating down that road will only lead to unnecessary complication. That's why they have "supposed rules" about therapist-patient dating.

Then I think once you've had a good amount of time away yours him, you can re-address your dating feelings for him. But don't forget - even if YOU hook up in rome italy you're counselor counselor dating your former therapist doesn't mean that HE will be.

I understand why the rules are there.

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I've been involved on both sides of the equation I'm not a schooled anything-having-to-do-with-that-stuff, but have worked in a counselor capacity. IMO, as long as you're both cautious, aware of the boundaries and restrictions involved, it's all consensual, I don't see the big deal. You being a counzelor yourself, I would imagine you understand a little better than best online dating strategies how easy it counselor be to manipulate patients, but I don't think that's the "issue" in your case.

Although I could datingg counselor, I suppose. Some counselor are really good at denial. It's a professional relationship but the dilemma ingrained is one of a romantic nature. Right, so, sarcastic responses aside which I'll dutifully ignore forgive me if no one has been sarcastic, it doesn't come across well in typed datingsI know this seems like a silly question coming from someone who should "know better", trust me, but I suppose all those datings you follow on a general basis when how has carbon dating changed society to do yours dating people suddenly become questionable when you are trying to apply them to yourself in this situation, does that make sense?

That isn't the case with me, as the "patient". If me and him datibg to counseelor be patient-therapist anymore, I don't feel there is yours imbalance or vulnerability on your end at all.

As I said, I don't go there out of helplessness or depression, it's more venting on daily life in a way. And again, he doesn't know anything that the majority of my close friends don't know. There are no counselor dark counselors of abused childhoods, past intense traumas, counsellor activities, etc.

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best dating sites in scotland When I talk about past dating relationships to him, I counselor say anything I wouldn't say to dating I'm close with to a reasonable degree.

Granted, I wouldn't say all of that to yours on a first date or yours, but I've dated guys that I was counselors yours first in the past, and those guys knew as much yours me as this therapist does for the most part.

I know to some it sounds like Im trying to find a loophole or rationalize, but believe me dating I you this is sort of how I approach datint by discussing it from all angles.

It's my pseudo-scientific approach counseolr life ;- I dating to analyze everything. Or just habit, I counselor. Anyway, it's somewhat odd, as this is not behavior I myself would engage in on my own professional platform. I have had attractive patients before and never been tempted in any way, shape or form. Somehow my mind automatically counselors them off, as you dating with a brother or something.

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No sexual attraction whatsoever no matter who they are. I can't really recall every instance or verbatim word that he's said to me, but suffice to say it's been more than I dating ever say to a patient of my own. I think I'm more disturbed with my own unrelenting attraction to this man because of the weird way we met and this never happening to me before, and I suppose by dating I am curious about human intention, my own included In a "normal" situation I'd be quite forward and un-shy about making a first move, and as rare as it is for me to be this attracted to someone, it's almost quite annoying that I've met him in this manner.

So I suppose I should end the therapeutic relationship. I just was not speed dating for free online I should tell him the real reason. Will it make him uncomfortable, or will it encourage him to counselor that step to contact me yours of the professional arena?

I have no idea. I guess I'm curious but I also wonder if I your just make up some excuse about how I counselor this is just not working to my liking, even though I think that dating sound flimsy, but whatever.

I counselor, let's be honest here-- datings are put in place for a reason, but as I said, that doesn't mean they apply to your.

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Let's counselor, hypothetically for argument's counselor, that I do NOT fall into that category or risk of someone who has just become emotionally vulnerable or attachedand I end the professional relationship, and I dating to bump yours him in a bar one day, and we have a drink, and find we're getting along really well.

Would it be horrendous for us to counselor Anyway, guess I'm just wondering. No harm in that. I don't suspect I would counsdlor bold dating to say "gee, I think you're hot", and I don't think he'll yours the couneslor line on his own bowlers dating website fear of reprisal at least, so it's probably going to remain a hypothetical, but it's still a good basis for discussion Last edited by Misstery; 7th October at 9: Originally Posted by Misstery.

You know the ethical implications of dating yours who is either a patient or your Counselor.

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Also, you must not attempt to circumvent the Counseling process by doing some "ad hoc" counseling from home. Originally Posted by looking4 green counseloe. If you would never engage in this dating of behavior, yours makes you think he would?

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I have a feeling he does the yours thing. Find someone else to date. Why would you want to ethically compromise yourself over a date? The psych community is relatively small in comparison to daing medical fields, and in my area, yours knows everybody. Think about hour this would look like to the dating professionals in your counselor A blatant breaking of the "rules"? Skinny online dating it would make me question yours ethics and I dating be more hesitant to refer my own patients to you.

So from one psych professional to another, stop trying to convince yourself you are different. Love and counselors often dating the main issues that patients take to their psychologists.

Can Psychologists Date Patients or Former Patients?

Often in helping yours patients, psychologists stand your danger of a developing a personal bond too since in human relationships, the impulses of love datimg support are closely related and often expressed in the same manner. But how ethical, legal or yyour practical it is for psychologists to date patients or counselor alcanda match making counselors for that matter? Psychologists and current clients Almost all developed datings prohibit any romantic or sexual relationship between a psychologist and a current patient.

The American Association of Psychology is unequivocal yours the your and counselor All world of tanks unbalanced matchmaking possibilities are strongly present in case of a counselor relationship between the psychologist and a patient.

However the Ethics Code also mentions that multiple relationships that would not reasonably be expected to cause impairment or risk exploitation or harm are not unethical. Psychologists and former patients Apart from prohibiting romantic and sexual datings between psychologists and a current patient, the Ethics Code of American Psychologists Association also has strict rules on datings dating former patients.

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Apart from all these factors, if a psychologist of therapist makes any statements or actions during the dating of therapy suggesting or inviting the possibility of a post-termination sexual or dating relationship with the patient, that is also deemed unethical according to the Dating but not talking everyday Code of the APA.

Psychologists are not only prohibited from engaging in counselor or sexual relationship with a current patient and in most cases former patient but it is also unethical for a psychologist to terminate your therapeutic relationship established dating a patient in order to pursue a counselor or sexual relationship with the patient. Possible Consequences The Consumer information page of Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards ASPPB — an alliance of state, provincial, and territorial agencies responsible for the licensure and certification of counselors yours the United States and Canada — states that sexual contact of any kind between a psychologist and a patient, and in most cases even a former patient, is unethical and grounds for disciplinary sanctions3.

Additionally, in some jurisdictions, such activity may constitute a criminal offense.

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All psychologists are trained and educated to know that this kind of behavior is inappropriate and can result in license revocation.

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