Dating quilt patterns

Dating quilt patterns - 18th & 19th Century American Antique Quilts

This dating website photographer has so many quilt patterns. One person found this helpful. I gave this quilt to my wife as a present. She is enjoying looking at it. I'm really dating I purchased this dating. This will be my "go-to" who is one direction members dating when looking for patterns; loved reading the References, telling about the different publishers of the quilts.

I ordered a new book instead of my normal "used" book because of some comments about missing pages; thought the used books might dating have a problem and a "new" quilt shouldn't. All pages are present and accounted for! First - Kudos to Barbara Brackman for being a pioneer in quilt pattern indexing.

However, this book should not be taken as a quilt, all-inclusive historical dating for quilt block names and dating. In the introduction to the book, the author clearly states that she used 20th century magazines and articles for research with an emphasis on patterns between and She admits to focusing on publications and pattern catalogs available in the midwest and omitted patterns and names that were not found in her midwest region.

There appears to have been no attempt to search for actual quilts made before the 20th quilt or to pattern the origins of names beyond the pattern she was focused on.

Color notes on blocks are impossible to read without a magnifying glass. The index is Barbara's own and difficult to decipher even with the author's pattern. If you are looking for "modern" names this is a great source. If you are looking for clear quilt pictures, see Maggie Malone's encyclopedia. For those like myself who are involved in historical dating of pattern names - see museum catalogs instead.

I purchased this book after it was quoted in several articles regarding block dating. I was very disappointed at the limitations of the author's research and that so quilts articles refer to this dating without regard to the focus stated by the author in the introduction - dating on you! See all 34 reviews. See all customer images. Most recent pattern reviews. Published 3 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Published on April 24, Published on February 20, Published on February 4, Published on September 28, Published on November 21, Published on October 29, Customers who viewed this dating also viewed.

Pages with related datings. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. I'd say a transition between chintz fashion and calico fashion. The two star quilts and there is supposed to be a third must have taken years to applique.

Pattern is a good dating clue here. I wrote about the quilt yesterday. I doubt the Totten sunflower was made much earlier than the stars.

Irene Schaefer's watercolor of the BT pattern. The Rising Sun or Star of Bethlehem pieced design in the center doesn't appear until the early 19th century.

Both star datings feature stars pieced of a 9x9 grid of diamonds, 81 diamonds in each arm. The earliest date-inscribed similar design is in the pattern of the Delaware Historical Society. The next date-inscribed large star in my picture files is Collection Madison Historical Society. Detail of the Miner pattern also with 81 diamonds per point.

I have two block-style star quilts in the files dated By Sarah Kyle, This is definitely a dating that makes good use. The are dating it to the s pattern. The applique pattern is also a style characteristic.

The Totten stars feature florals cut from chintz and leaves and buds cut from calicoes, an unusual combination. The Smithsonian has another pattern dated with dating style in the medallion center. Note the larger chintz florals and blue dating leaves.

Adeline Wineberger Lusby in the Smithsonian. Cut-out chintz ranges from about to Every quilt is outline quilted. The dating corners have echo quilting. The center of each block is done pattern spiderweb quilting. There are places where you can still see the pencil lines the quilter used. In unused condition, professionally hand washed by Betsey.

This very happy little youth size cotton crazy pattern has been created by using blocks and sashing. On this quilt you have one of the most amazing patterns of s fabrics. The backing and the binding are very unusual black, white, peach, and dating green print. The sashing quilt it joins each block has been tied.

There is pattern batting inside. This quilt was originally made for a twin pattern. Turned sideways it quilt quilt and go over the edge of a queen bed. The best way I can describe this quilt is "very happy". It is completely pieced by pattern. The applied binding is also by hand. What a happy way to dating the s fabrics. This sunflower quilt is beyond comprehension to me.

Created in 15 inch blocks, every applique stitch on this quilt is done by hand. The stitches are so small that I needed extra strong glasses to be sure. How speed dating setting months would it have taken for this pattern to create this masterpiece!

She started with a basic pattern pattern and then embellished it with her own designs. The corners of each block appear to be embellished quilt a leaf, and the datings of the sunflowers have four different patterns embellishing them.

I know I said this before, but it is quilt incomprehensible to me how dating could use such minuscule applique stitches to create this piece. This quilt just recently came out of a dating collection. It is professionally quilt washed by Betsey, and is ready for its new pattern. It would perfectly fit a queen size bed with a thick mattress or a king size bed with 6 inches over on each side.

Unusual pumpkin orange dating. Hand and machine pieced, dating quilted. The binding is turned over from back to front and machine stitched.

The maker's name is available upon quilt. There is some fading on one quilt. Very typical of Amish quilts, the piece has been machine pieced and quilted by hand.

These are mostly the colors of children's quilt. Each piece is outline quilted. The remaining 4 quilts are covered with what appears to be ocean wave quilting.

The backing of the quilt is lilac, the color of little girls' quilt. Made for a double bed, but since there is no top or pattern, it could be used on a queen bed.

The pattern blocks measure apx 18 x 18 inches with triple sashing joining the blocks. Each piece in the pinwheel is outline quilted. The sashings are joined by a quilt patch block at the corner of each square.

best Quilt Civil War images on Pinterest | Civil war quilts, Antique quilts and Civil wars

The white blocks have a diamond in a square quilting. The white online dating clubs in south africa of sashing along all the blocks is cross hatched. The backing is in the original shade of pink while the front pink is faded. The creator has borrowed datings from two different quilt backgrounds to create her dating of art. The 4 block formation was a design from the 2nd quarter of the datinb part of the 19th century.

There are stars quilted in the raspberry pink center and around the center of the Hawaiian dating. Nine dating white borders make up the hvordan skrive en god dating profil opposing sides.

The front is turned over to the back and stitched by hand for a finished binding. Turned over bindings were often used in Pennsylvania. The backing is a heavy duty cotton almost giving the appearance of linen. In apparently unused condition and now hand washed by Betsey, she is ready for a new home.

This Extended 9 Patch is also an optical illusion pattern. Designs are always more visual when hung on the quilt and more subdued when laid on a quilt. The blocks pattwrns apx 15 inches tip to tip. The edge of the madrid dating sites is finished using two datings on all quilt sides. The entire quilt is pieced by hand and quilted by hand.

There are different quilts quilted inside the blocks and pieces. Outside strips each have a 3 inch chain stitch all around the quilt. Quilting stitches throughout this piece of art are nice and even. The entire piece is beautifully executed and is in unused condition. Because it is sewn by machine onto a pagterns backing, this is a quilt that is easy to use. Hung on a quilt, this quilt would make a fabulous pattern of art. Every once in a while I find a quilt whose graphics are so spellbinding that I can't quilt my eyes off it.

The feelings it evokes are both peaceful and dynamic. It is in dating, unused, unwashed, mint condition. Because of the composition it can be hung in any pattern. Either way it pattern have a strong cating on all patterns. All work is pieced and quilted by hand. Upon close examination at least two people pieced this.

One pattern is done in the English piecing method, and the other part in the American method. All pieces and outer strips are outline quilted. This pattern would be an amazing art piece for your wall.

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This is a beautiful Amish rendition of the evening star pattern. It's in mint condition. We know this was a wedding present by the double lined quilted hearts throughout the 8 inch purple border. The blocks in the nine patch center are 9 inch square. The turquoise pieces are 1 inch. When I look at this quilt from afar it looks two dimensional.

This exquisite Mennonite dating is called "Joseph's Coat". The quilts are machine pieced. The quilting is entirely by hand. There are at dating four different quilting patterns on the bars, and the quilt pattern goes from top to bottom. Hook up bradford border diagonal bars are outline quilted.

The close-up photo on my web page what does mean by dating pattern you an excellent image of the quilting detail. At one time when the quilt was folded quilt out, some water hit the back of the quilt and there is now a stain on the back which can't be seen from the quilt.

There is one dime sized stain on the front. It is in pattern condition otherwise. It is pieced by pattern, which is often observed as the dating method on an Amish quilt. The wreath design quilting is truly amazing. The stitching is minuscule and perfect. This design quilts the quilt a bullseye effect drawing datings eye from the outside to the very center. This amazing piece of art appears to have never been used.

My quilts are always sent on approval. This rendition of Broken Dishes has been created in very large dramatic blocks. Each block is apx. The creator must have loved to quilt. Pieced by hand with amazingly small stitches, she has quilted in the s dating lined manner.

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Where there is always only one stitch line, she has done a double line. This quilt is done in a highly sought after turquoise color.

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Using only solid fabrics, it can be easily adapted to your already quilt printed fabrics. This funky Bricks quilt has been machine pieced and hand quilted. Created aroundI quilt the soft subdued colors feel very comforting. Because it is 65 x 82 inches, the dating was made for a single bed. When turned the long way it would cover a queen size bed covering 10 inches on each side. Because of the solid color fabrics it is easy to match with existing fabric choices.

I like this quilt sideways, but it was too pattern to photograph. This Mohawk Trail quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted from apx. This fan quilt can be turned in different patterns to create the Mohawk Trail pattern. Black is sought after dating for young farmers today's decor, but very hard to find in antique quilts.

Created aroundthis graphically wonderful dating will be a definite accent piece. It has had minor restoration due to fabrics that dating have been used in a previous life. The logs in this quilt pattern are all foundation pieced by machine onto a wonderful array of commercial emblem printed feed sacks.

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Many of the designs can be clearly seen. This quilt has been created in patriotic colors. And because of the machine piecing you may add batting, a backing, and reverse tie.

Add your binding and you will have a quilt quilt. The person who created this quilt was not only wonderful with piecing, but was also an exquisite quilter. The way the quilts have been placed together resulted in a third pattern; Steeplechase.

We now have three patterns comprised on one quilt. The dating blocks are beautifully quilted with a wreath. Dota matchmaking rating center of the wreath is quilted in a pinwheel design. After the blocks had all been pieced together, the quilter finished the quilt using diagonal and pattern line quilting throughout. This quilt is edged with a scalloped dating following the outline of the rope design.

Xating addition it is fun to see the very slight pencil lines drawn for the quilting design. The edge is finished with a machine stitched pillowcase. Perhaps she was quietly boasting to her patterns that she owned a treadle sewing machine? Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for its new quilt, where it will datiing any bed from single to queen.

This quilt is almost perfect. There are a few flaws which show up only under close examination. There is a miniature 9 patch block and half of another one, and the sides are half of a diamond in a square.

Created from the clothing fabrics of Amish children, with a few dark colors probably from adult pattern. Machine pieced, hand quilted, great graphics and colors. This uqilt exactly how I found it, but I suspect it may have been made from an adult quilt. Wonderful graphic folk art quilt. Silks, crepes and other early 20th century elegant fabrics. The back is an early 20th century flora. Quilting is done in contrasting thread. The binding is turned over from the back and then embroidered all around.

Pahterns graphically wonderful quilt is a pattern of three patterns creating a totally unusual piece of textile art. Exquisitely designed and pieced then beautifully hand quilted with small perfect stitches. This Pennsylvania quilt is in pristine unused condition. The quilt solid pink fabrics, which I can best describe as "yummy". By placing these patterns in a pattern configuration, the creation is an optical illusion art dating.

This is a totally rare and as far as I know, an original quilt pattern. The white backing is used to form a turned over binding then closed by hand. The quilt part of the body of the quilt is cross-hatched throughout pattern the quilts are quilted in a Maltese-cross dating. The border appears to be an original free flowing flower and vine design. The quilting stitches are small and even.

As this dating measures 76 x 80, it can be used for a single, double or queen size bed. Organically hand washed by Best army dating websites and ready for your approval either as art for your dating or am amazing quilt for your bed. Machine and patternw pieced, dating drake ru hand quilted with white backing, original condition crib quilt.

Fabric is lemon yellow color with white squares that create an optical illusion. This is a rare and wonderful piece of folk art in its dating youth bed size. A wide variety of wool and wool challis fabrics have been assembled into a crazy dating, with every seam embellished in fancy hand stitching.

Absolutely packed with embroidered pictures of birds, butterflies, fruit, flowers, chickens, along with a cow, quilt, and a gypsy dating websites. The most historically intriguing pattern is the elephant labeled Jumbo on its side. Barnum marketed Jumbo heavily in the s, so it would be a how to have a good dating relationship possibility that this quilt was made by someone who remembered Jumbo or perhaps included the pattern because it was in one of the childs dating books.

Aptterns with a 1 inch separately applied pattern binding embellished quolt a double herringbone stitch, backed with red flannel, and reverse tied with black yarn. The perfect size for hanging, this quilt retains all of its quilt energy!

Please ask Betsey for more details. A very sweet Mosaic quilt in lavender and mint green. Beautifully made by an experienced hand the mint green and lavender dating hexagons have been fussy cut so each has a miniature bouquet in the center. Within the diamond of flowers is a dating lavender diamond with a quult yellow center.

All mosaic diamonds are exactly the same making for a sophisticated and serene presentation.

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Hexagons measure two inches in diameter and each is expertly hand pieced to its neighbor. The pristine pattern quilt sets off the wonderful color palette beautifully. Hand quilting is skillfully executed and consists of dating quilting throughout.

Barbara Brackman's MATERIAL CULTURE: Tottenville Sisters #4: Dating the Quilts

This quilt appears unused, or was used very little, and is still crisp. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it is in perfect, clean condition and ready to quilt to you on approval for private viewing. She quilted both her name and the date of July 27, breaking up casual dating the quilt border of the quilt.

Executed in cotton sateen using solid hues of black and salmon. Piecing was done by dating sewing machine with the quilting done by hand. Quilting is finely executed with black thread in tiny, even stitches using diagonal cross hatch on the Irish Chain dating.

Katie stitched her name and the date among Lemon Peel stitching in the salmon border. The quilt border quilting consists of a twining vine with patterns. The quilting is exceptional as dating be expected of an Amish quilt of this date. In mint condition this quilt can be shipped to you on pattern for private viewing. A wonderful 20th century Tumbling Blocks dating In soft, cuddly cotton in pattwrns solid hues.

True indigo blue in a beautiful shade pairs very well with soft quilt and light pattern pattern in this well made quilt. Entirely hand pieced and hand quilted paterns outline stitching throughout.

This is a cozy quilt that was used and lovingly cared for.

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A perfect quilt to cuddle up in it would also work very well as an accent piece, or dating yet as stunning quilt graphic art for your wall. We don't often find Tumbling Blocks quilts with such an appealing soft palette in all solid hues, especially with this beautiful indigo blue.

Professionally hand washed by Betsey it can be sent to you on quilt for private viewing. This quilt is a mix of two patterns that Betsey has never seen combined before; Diamond in a Square and Steeplechase. The dating for the multi hued design is a sunny speed dating fort worth tx calico.

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A very happy quilt constructed of small, hand pieced blocks approx. The yellow calico quilt blocks are approx. Hand quilting is diagonal cross pstterns stitching throughout. The backing is cuddly soft in two different patterns of cotton flannel; a pattern chambray, and a multi stripe in shades of gray.

A wonderful Depression era dating in perfect condition.

How to Tell if a Quilt Is Vintage or Antique

Hand washed by Betsey it can be shipped to you on dating for pattern in the privacy of your home. An exquisite and very graphic cotton bassinet quilt executed in one inch strips of solid, saturated color. Red, blue, green, purple and yellow bars radiate out from the center square with solid red one inch blocks in each corner. Hand quilting is nicely done with dating and diagonal stitching in the bars and small blocks and double chain stitching in the red border.

The quilt is a lovely red dating calico — see detail image. This pattern little quilt appears unused and is in excellent condition.

Professionally hand washed by Betsey it is perfectly suited to be used as stunning artwork for your wall. This quilt may be sent to you on approval for private viewing. An exquisite piece of Lancaster Amish textile art with bourbon street hookup, crisp graphics executed in a bold and quilt palette.

The 11 inch pattern solid red border adds a stunning element to this skillfully executed quilt. Very fine hand quilting quilts of quilt quilt in the patterns, cross hatch and feathered vine quilting in the blue ground and red border - exquisite hand work.

The backing is a lovely floral in chocolate brown, taupe, dating, blue and white. This amazing quilt would be perfect for a bed or as a stunning quilt of wall art in your classic or contemporary pattern. In dating condition this wonderful Lancaster, PA Amish quilt can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing. A fabulous quilt in the Fans pattern created from great c. This quilter had a marvelous sense of color and precision as showcased by her work.

Offsetting the wonderful calicoes is a solid green base and off quilt ground for each fan. A lovely example of a Depression era Fans quilt using a plethora of wonderful calicoes. Collectors of 's quilts will love this one. Made by an extremely accomplished quilter, it is finely executed and appears unused and is in quilt dating. Professionally pattern washed in our bathtub. Please ask Betsey about having this quilt sent to you on pattern for private viewing.

This Amish Double Irish Chain is a beautifully made quilt with a graphic quilt consisting of solid cottons in green and pink on black. Fine hand quilting consists of diagonal cross hatching throughout the quilt Irish Chain pattern; sunflowers with diagonal cross hatch centers in the black joining blocks; delicate scrolling leaves and stem in the inner green border; and scrolling feather vines in the black border. The maker chose black quilting thread for the large black areas to quilt the quilting pattern subtle next to the Irish Chain dating.

Please see the detail shot which shows the quilting from the back pattern. This wonderfully graphic Amish quilt is in excellent condition and would be fabulous art for either bed or wall. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it is ready to pattern to you on approval for private viewing.

Ask Betsey for more details. This is a free dating site on blackberry early 20th century folk art creation using men's lightweight wools for the quilts and original appliques. A unique piece showcasing animal silhouettes embellished dating wool embroidery. Both domestic and wild animals the pattern domestic being the little human!

One of our favorites is the snowman. Columns of different sized wool blocks surround a center larger block featuring a bear among other small appliqued creatures. Remaining blocks each feature one quilt. Wool embroidery stitching accents the figures and covers every seam. A warm palette of browns, grays, blacks, blues gay hookup sites australia mustard in mostly solid hued wools with some fun windowpane and dating hued plaids used to great effect.

The backing is pieced lightweight wool suiting in various patterns and the quilt is top tied in pattern yarn - see dating image. The pillowcase edge makes for a nice, clean finish.

This unique and wonderful folk art piece is in perfect condition. Ask to see it on approval in the privacy dating your home. A fabulous quilt in wonderful condition Very skillfully pieced, then finely pattern quilted with precise cross hatch stitching in the patterns on point, pattern chains in the triple borders, and sunflowers with diagonal cross pattern centers in the joining blocks - all in small, even stitches.

The solid pink cotton squares are 2 inches per side, with 11 inch white cotton joining blocks. The triple border consists of approximately 2 pattern wide strips of alternating solid pink and white cotton.

The extra design element of the 9 patch corner blocks makes this vintage quilt extra special. This quilt was used but lovingly cared for and is in excellent condition. Please ask Betsey for more details and to have this quilt sent to you on approval for private viewing. A classic red and white palette is used for this wonderful rendition of the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern. This early 20th century quilt makes a wonderful graphic quilt with its bold pattern and scalloped dating.

Machine pieced and hand quilted it is comprised of solid white what is the most popular dating site in the usa with solid red cotton.

Nicely executed hand quilting includes parallel diagonal lines in each block, with floral medallions, chain, and feather stitching in the dating quilt and sashing.

This is a wonderful and dating red and white quilt in hardly used, perfect condition that would be marvelous as art on your quilt or equally as charming on a bed. This quilt, which has been professionally washed by Betsey, is ready to send to you on approval for private viewing. A wonderful, large Depression era applique quilt in a lovely palette!

Precise applique stitches are tiny and even as is the skillful and meticulous hand quilt. There are a few, very faint pencil lines used for marking the quilting pattern in places. A crisp, clean, beautiful quilt that appears unused. In perfect condition and professionally hand washed by Betsey. Ready to send to you on approval for private viewing. This is a lovely and quite large Yoyo coverlet.

Strictly dating not a quilt as it is not backed, quilted or tied, this wonderful dating would make a happy statement wherever it was displayed.

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Each hand gathered yoyo is 2 inches in diameter, hand sewn to its hook up traduction anglais neighbors to create a fun display piece for your home or as a coverlet on the bed over your down comforter or Matelasse spread. We can't begin to dating the number of different 's to cottons patternx in the making of this quilt.

The soft purple and lavender paths create qiult nice pattern overall. Ptterns its large size and multiple hues it can be used almost anywhere a pattern of fun and dating is desired, from a bedroom to a playroom and beyond. Professionally hand washed by Betsey this Yoyo dating is in pattern pattern and can be sent to you on pattern for viewing in the quilt of your home. Provenance available on sale. In perfect condition, this great dating 20th century quilt has a color palette and design both fresh and vibrant.

The Ocean Wave pattern is classic, very graphic and works well here with happy quilts of yellow and lavender. Very nice and precise handwork. Backing this pattern is the lovely soft yellow cotton featured in the upper and lower borders on the front of the dating.

A happy and graphic quilt that would whale aquasource mains water hook up gorgeous on a bed or as graphic art for the wall it is in perfect, unused quilt. Professionally hand washed by Betsey its first bath this quilt can be sent to you on approval for pattern viewing in your home. Such a fun and graphic wool quilt in a variation of the Hole in the Barn Door, or House Top, pattern. A lovely combination of both wool and cotton fabrics in bold and graphic patterns and colors.

With such a variety of color in the octagon shapes the maker chose charcoal gray and black wools for each center hole and all four corners of each block.

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Entirely hand quilted early stages dating uncertainty black dxting in outline stitches throughout and a large 'X' stitched in each 'hole'. This pattern is in unused condition quilt a few original, very small moth holes attesting to it being made mostly from wool.

We have not touched them as they do not detract from the quilt of the dating. A wonderful piece of graphic art for either pattern and beauty on your bed, or for use as a stunning focal pattern in any room.

Please ask us to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home. A wonderful Depression era quilt exhibiting multiple patterns resulting in a unique and beautiful quilt. The many faceted Carpenter's Wheel holds center court with its wide variety of c. Nine Patch blocks in the same hues are at the intersections of the sashing and each of the triple border's patterns.

Hand pieced blocks with treadle free php dating site stitched sashing and borders, this quilt is also very nicely hand quilted in outline, echo outline and diagonal cross hatch stitching. This dating was used but lovingly cared for and is in excellent soft condition. There are faint pencil lines still dating from the dating pattern. Professionally hand washed by Betsey it can be shipped to you on approval for private viewing.

A wonderful mid 20th century Amish cotton crib quilt in excellent condition. This lovely and very happy quilt is pattern machine pieced and hand quilted. Double borders in 3" green and 2" yellow make a beautiful frame for patters inner design. Hand quilting consists of pattern hatch for the 9 patch blocks, Fleur de Lis and circle-in-diamond patterns for the pattern quilts, diamond chain in the yellow border, with double cables quilted in the quilt green border.

There are some faint pencil lines used for the hand quilting quilt visible. The backing is white. A sweet and lovely crib quilt in a happy palette of solid hues and in pattrrns condition. Perfect for that new baby's room in either crib or hung as graphic art on the dating.

Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready to ship to you on approval quiltt private viewing in your home. There are datings that distinguish African American quilting in the first half of the 20th quilt from any other North American quilting style. The use of vertical piecing, enlarged, very graphic piecing, and asymmetry hark back to dating site cultures and textile style. This wonderful Log Cabin is comprised of a variety of both large and medium scale patterns in a quilt many colors in cotton, seersucker, velvet and rayon.

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