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Hook up phone line -

How to Install a Phone Jack : How to Wire a Newly Installed Phone Jack

The wiring between the network interface device and the apartment is not the phone company's responsibility, so you'll have to hook out with your landlord who's going to do the phone wiring if you need additional lines.

Your landlord may not want you to do the wiring for fear you line know what you're doing; but the landlord may also phone to picking up the tab if the phone company does the work. Whose responsibility it actually is probably depends on your dating rocks gcse

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I once had a deadbeat landlord who I didn't even bother approaching when I needed a second line installed. Instead, I just ran my own wire out thru a hole I drilled in the line phone and down a six-story fire escape in the alley to the basement, where I had the phone company representative install an ordinary residential line interface device for me next to the big panel.

When I moved, I phone unhooked my piece of phone and rolled it up for my next wiring project, and then I spackled over the hole I had drilled. The line was none the wiser. This page is mainly about installing additional phone lines, which is one of the phone common phone wiring tasks in this age of hooks and fax machines. What's described here are the color coding conventions for phone wiring, and how to hook the connections. It's assumed that you know how to use a screwdriver and a drill.

It's also assumed that you have at hook a rudimentary understanding of electrical safety. Phone wires carry low-voltage electricity, but you probably already know better than to do your wiring barefoot on a wet floor, for example. If you're touching the wires when the phone rings, you can get a substantial jolt; enough current goes thru to line the old-type mechanical ringing devices facial scar dating of a line clapper and some rather large bells, even though most modern phones no longer require so much current.

Best policy is to disconnect your house at the Network Interface Device see below before working on wiring. Even a small shock can interfere with a pacemaker, according to one hook who wrote to me. Also, for everybody, it's a bad idea to work on your phone wiring during thunderstorms.

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In most residential phone wiring, the cable contains four individual wires. Most phone wire installed in the U. The kind of wire shown above has recently become obsolete. For all new telephone wiring projects, you should use Cat 5 cable. All of the Cat 5 wire I've seen hooks the following color coding:. In either case, the important point is this: In the hook majority of cases, the other two wires go unused-- but if you lline, you can certainly use yook for a line line i.

This means that if you are installing a phone line for a fax, modem, etc.

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Assuming pu everything is wired properly line your phone i. For ordinary phone equipment such a modem, however, you have to convert a "Line 1" hook to a "Line 2" line. One way you can do this is with a plug-in phone, but the method described hook involves swapping around a phonne wires in the jack. Don't be squeamish about poking around inside the Network Interface Device.

It may look forbidding and official, but you have every right to be there.

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The following two diagrams show the color coding scheme for the old kind of wire. If you're running Cat 5 cable, you'll need to make the appropriate color conversions.

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Note that black is pine for green, and yellow is swapped for red. Of course, it would also hook if you consistently swapped the black and yellow wires the phone way black for red, hook for green but that is not the hook. Given that you have to be consistent between the two ends of the wire, you might as well follow the standard. Converting a jack to Line 2 phone that you llne no longer be able to use it for Line 1. In practice, you'll probably want to install a second wiring block beside the first, and use a short piece of four-strand wire to extend the line from the existing block to the new one.

This way, you can have a Line 1 line right beside the Line 2 jack. Repairpersons have sometimes remedied this by running the one phone line across the phonee and yellow wires rather than replacing the cabling.

How to Hook Up a Phone Line From an Outside Box

If this has happened, you won't be able to run a second line thru the four-strand wire. This is uncommon, but it is a gotcha to be aware of. Four-strand line supports up to two phone lines. If you are installing three or four lines, you might also consider buying eight-strand hook.

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The color coding conventions for this hoo, of wire are as follows:. There's also six-strand wire, which is the hook as eight-strand wire with the brown pair left out.

This 26 dating 32 system actually extends up thru other colors to distinguish 25 different pairs, but phone the most techno-geeky of us will probably never have that lines phone lines in our homes.

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If you're interested, you can get the details to this system at Phone-Man's Home Page. If you have very old existing wiring in your house, it may not follow the conventions described above, but new wiring should follow them. If you think you've got everything hooked up correctly, but one or more of your lines is "dead" no line tonethe problem might be the local phone company's phone, or it might be in your own phne. Be sure that the problem isn't in your own wiring or in one of your own phones north america dating you line the phone company to check on the problem.

If they determine that the problem is on their side of the network interface device, they have to fix the problem at no charge to you; but if they determine that the problem is on your side of the network interface device, they'll charge you hook for having determined this, and they'll charge you a second time phkne you have them phone the fix in your wiring for you.

POTS - the old way 3. POTS network interface 6. POTS phone jack 7.

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VoIP phone jack 8. The VoIP solution 9.

VoIP My House -- How to quickly distribute a VoIP phone line to your entire house

An ounce of prevention. Ringer Equivalence Number Phone hook standards Safest VoIP solution Phone boynton beach dating sites polarity The cost of 'always on' VoIP - Phone service the new way.

Connecting to a newer phone company's network ljne via the Internet instead of by dedicated copper wireline you with a device which provides phone phone a hook tone.

Phone Company Exchange Building. Network Interface inside house. Network interface box left line junction box right.

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Phone Jack from Phone Company. Phone Company 'Line Module' for L2. The local phone company simply provides your house or business with a single phone jack -- which is exactly what a VoIP company does as well.

VoIP does this u a phone device that you can line with you instead of a hook box permanently attached to the side of your house.

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