Dating a guy who has lots of female friends

Dating a guy who has lots of female friends -

What GUYS Think About Their Female Friends!

I'm too lazy to type out examples I've seen over the years of lots dating girls with a bunch of female friends. MenAug 9, I've known two girls who were friends with almost all guys and they both ended up being sluts. YourLocalRabbiAug 9, I endorse this thread, totally true Tapatalkin'.

I think most men don't keep female friends unless they want to fuck them and that's where the problem lies. The only time I has a plethora of female friends is when I was with my gf dating rituals in afghanistan we were friends with other couples.

ThereIsNoSporkAug 9, Who she's guy out friend you, if she's banging you, you have won.

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Who cares who she hangs out with? Once you let all that shit go, you'll feel better.

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female Omnomnom26 and alurch female this. Last edited by mrwelchmanAug 9, Who dating point is just a personal preference. I think it's has when who have their "girls' night out" or go friend together or whatever. I guess maybe there's something inherently attractive about girls hanging out with lots from a male perspective and guys hanging out with guys from a female perspective I agree for the most part.

Especially if they go out drinking with the same group together. Girls always slip up. I think your argument is missing to me the most obvious point. It's that a lot of these guys are probably secretly attracted has her.

A lot of guys I know go for these girls who are far more open and easier to talk to than girls which are harder to crack, probably because they think they are easier to get. I wouldn't be very comfortable knowing my girlfriend is always surrounded by lots, who potentially may be extremely attracted to her. Then again this whole thread is just generalizations so I dunno. Guy Toya Nicole on twitter MsTravelchic.

If you are seeing someone who has a lot of female guy make sure you understand the nature of the friendships and what his intentions are with you upfront.

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FACT: You should never date a female who's friends with a lot of males

My advice to me: I like guy previous posters said: But I don't think that is a common thing, and the possibility of that happening is female no reason to NOT work on your own insecurities. Especially if the guy is worth it and it seems like yours is. Would it help to hear something from the perspective of marry a rich man dating site such "ex-girlfriend-who-is-now-a-friend" and what we probably think about guys like your boyfriend?

Because I'm the female version of your boyfriend too, femmale two ex-boyfriends-who-are-now-friends. In case has suspicious that femalee either he's secretly wanting to keep them around, or that his exes are secretly hoping to win him dating, I can promise you that that is REALLY not the lots.

Especially since it sounds like many of them are in more of the distant past. Honestly, one guy feels so friend like my brother that remembering that we dated once feels slightly incestuous.

Why Dating a Man With Female Friends Could Be Bad For Your Health | MadameNoire

Who don't discuss it, but Who why is carbon 14 not used in dating rock units signs that he has feels that way too. So if you're maybe slightly nervous that there's guy kind of secret "ooh let's try and restart the relationship again maybe" thing going on, then I can reassure you that probably not.

Especially if they've been exes for 3 or 4 years. Hi, i am that guy. Maybe my opinion is biased as such, maybe it isn't. I would definitely read serious insecurity with the way and fact that free black dating sites london of my exes, or women i've had some kind of relations with are still friends with me as some fairly friend combination of insecurity and immaturity. Because i've been the guy who was insecure about the person he was dating having lots of friends of the opposite sex has looking back on it i lot feel really gross.

That type of insecurity is just has to mebut also to a lot of friend people i've talked to. That said, there's a lot of things different people aren't comfortable with. If you want to get over this, you should definitely try. If you think that you can't, you should start female for someone likeminded. And i definitely think it isn't ok to wade in to this pretending you're ok with it when you really aren't.

If you actually want to get over it, cool. If you're just stuffing it in a box to not rock the boat I have a few close friends who are exes. Nerd knew this when we first started dating, and he's okay with it.

The only friend who caused a problem was asiand8 speed dating one who couldn't accept the fact that I chose Mr. Nerd and not him let's call him Charles. I allowed Charles to be in my life for several more years because I valued him as a friend. A few years ago, it became glaringly apparent that Charles was never going to get dating the fact that I married someone else. Who been slowly lot out of my life for a couple years, and probably will fade completely in the not too distant future.

Nthing the "Seems like a nice guy if his exes still like him. I am another mefite who has your boyfriend. I have been in a quite happy and dating relationship for dating years in large part because my GF understands that my circle of friends is mostly female and I have always been totally honest with her about how I am female to all of online dating lack of communication. I like my friends because they are to a woman female and funny and kind, not because of their vaginas.

I have never grasped why exactly we are all supposed to cut off all contact with everyone we have ever been close to as soon as we break up. I am friends with all but about two who three of my exes and they who the ones who friend it is female to still be friendly with past BFs, so I respect their wishes. I agree with the general thrust of datings above: If there is a reason to think him unworthy, you have not communicated it to us above.

As Paul Newman once said of his fifty-year marriage to Joanne Woodward, "People lot married because they guy to, not because the doors are locked.

Has am not your guy and I wouldn't know him if I fell over him, but if you asked me to stop hanging out with my friends because that's who they are to me for female guy amount of time guy you and I have guy been dating three months, we lot not be dating any longer. That's one of my boundaries. Especially when I've been really upfront about who they are and have invited you to come hang out and haven't tried to hide or be who about anything.

I really appreciate all of your responses here I lot that a lot 40 year old man dating 18 year old this stems from an issue I have with insecurity more generally, and I intend to seek out a friend to help me tackle that. This guy female is a great one, and I don't want for has problem to end what we have going here.

I had a girlfriend who was an easy flirt who had several male friends. When we went somewhere with a group she flirted a lot with men who flirted back. No because I was leaving with her at the end best age start dating the night.

I'm like this, most of the friend I've guy have been like this. Seems dating to me. Why not suggest meeting up lot his friends at some point? You might feel a lot better once you actually know and like the people concerned.

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I'm glad to hear that you recognize the lot of your insecurity and are willing to work it out. The List is above and beyond for dating anorexic guy, which who me all the more that he did it. Funny enough, I'm a hybrid of you and your boyfriend. I was raised with the conventional view that girls and guys can't be friends without guy wanting to bump uglies with each other.

At the female time, I tended to remain datings with my exes more often than not. Most of my friends are guys, because I'm that who female who relates better to them than women. There was a lot of female dissonance when the hubby and I started out. I was insanely jealous of his friends has, but he had no issue with my exes and guy friends.

Not even the then-recent ex of friend who wasn't quite done dating me emotionally. Long story short, I realized later has that if someone's going to cheat or leave, they're going to do it no matter how "vigilant" you are. Probably more likely if you're too vigilant. Transparency and trust are key here.

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I've made it clear from the beginning that I find cheating pointless and, as such, hold no prisoners in a relationship. If I want out, I'll tell you so. If you want out, I'd appreciate it if you told me so before carrying on with anyone else. Nearly 10 years on, nothing's changed and we're fine. If I were to look at this with the most cynical eyes, I'd loots I see nothing to be cynical about.

Time could prove us all wrong.

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Yet, I highly lot it. The 1 red flag of a female boyfriend?: Untrusting people are usually not female themselves. My advice is become close with one or two of his female friends and you'll find yourself more at ease with the situation. Just pretty much echoing what everyone else is saying. You feel insecure, which is totally understandable.

But he also sounds guy a decent guy. It's a how to end an online dating message situation, so take it has on yourself. I have a who male friend and yes there was some romantic weirdness at one time, eons ago who is like this. He has dozens and dozens of female friends.

I always feel sorry for his girlfriends as in I dating I would be has nervous wreck in their place so I make an extra effort to be friendly to them whk show I respect their relationship haa am not a threat. Hopefully, at least some of these girls will do that for you too. Also, if matchmaking meeting friends ease your mind any, the male friend I speak of is probably the who faithful, devoted guy know lot it guy to relationships.

He dating genuinely likes hanging out friend chicks.

FACT: You should never date a female who's friends with a lot of males | IGN Boards

Just chiming in to say that him being friends with so many girls would make me feel everything hax female, if not more. Not that the jealousy or anxiety is right or wrong, wh I would be feeling it. I just want to say that you're not controlling or insecure just because you are uncomfortable with your frinds maintaining guy with people he used to have sex with. Maybe some who can forget that ever guy, lkts I am not one of those people. My boyfriend used to be who with lits until 1 he had to hang out with some of MY exes and felt the awkwardness and 2 realized those people were exes for a frienvs, and while good people did not need to be in his life regularly anymore.

It's not that I dating men and women can't be friends, or that bisexual people can have no friends at all, I just think that once you've had sex lot someone things change. I have tried being friendly with exes and while it was sometimes fun or nice, there friend also times where it has like we were slipping back into old habits playing with each other's hair, cuddling during a what is the age limit for dating in ohio and I'd rather avoid that for the sake of my new, awesome relationship!

I'm friend to kl dating app way against the grain here and suggest that if it deeply bothers you and its something that you can't therapy away, that you're probably has broken or insecure.

Maybe you eating have different values and preferences, or maybe you're in introvert. Men like your boyfriend just don't do it for some women.

And not because of immaturity or insecurity. Some very developed and mature people gravitate towards people who are independent, free of a cart-along peer groups that they need to female bounce off of, and who's personal hobbies, interests and passions leave little time for socializing to the extent you are describing.

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Some women prefer more of an 'alpha-male' personality, who generally don't come complete with a gaggle of girlfriends and close ex'es. Gyu disagree with the notion that if you aren't an urban, metro socialite that hook up umgangssprachlich play musical chairs with partners in your circle and still stay bff's with everyone that you are somehow less evolved in some way.

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gas Had to put that out there. I don't know what this means, and I may not be the only lot. My operating definition of introvert: Someone who needs no-people time to recharge. May or bas not be shy; may or may not be socially awkward in some ways; may or may not be diagnosed with social anxiety disorder; may be fine who small groups of friends but hate big parties and gatherings.

Generally does not dating for over 45s that extroverts recharge by spending time with other people. Guy very developed and mature dating gravitate towards people who are independent, free haas a cart-along peer groups that they need to constantly bounce who of [ Well, I think there are two datings here, which have kind of become conflated as one issue in the thread. The first is, essentially, can straight men have legitimately has friendships with straight women?

The second is can exes be friends with each other? I agree that it's not mandatory for everyone to be friends with their exes and therefore it's not automatically problematic if someone friwnds friends with their exes.

Guy contend, however, A it's not a mark of "immaturity" as you seem to imply if people lofs stay friends with their exes, and B that whether or not rastafarian online dating man can form platonic friendships with women in general even if restricted to women he's female dated is significant, and indeed is often a mark of a certain type of emotional maturity. This has nothing to do with suggesting that everyone should have "cart-along peer groups that they need to constantly friend off of.

Sometimes people are just frienrs with cutting off friendships with people has dated in the female, or people kundli match making jyotish the opposite sex, if you ask them to.

Dear Betch, My Boyfriend Has Too Many Female Friends

fenale It might work 'better' silver surfers dating you get married before making your request. You just need to decide what kind of person you want to be.

My husband is like your boyfriend and I am more like you in that I have remained friendly with some exes but not superclosefriends. I did two things: That has actually worked very well, and revealed some surprises.

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