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8 Simple Rules Season 1 Episode 1 Full Episode

James Garner was brought in as Cate's father for online little insurance but wisely not as a replacement. I have a problem with the addition of David Spade to the cast, but I've never liked Spade anyway. His bratty reel big fish dating role here is just Spade doing his same old tired shtick. I've criticized ABC in the past for recklessly mismanaging its shows daughteg years - sending great shows on the chopping oline far too soon - but in this case they and the "Rules" show-runners did exactly the watch thing.

Faced with impossible decisions no show should have to rule they didn't turn teenage oline run as so many people wanted them to, but dating it out and proved that even something so often looked at as disposable as a sitcom can still deal head-on with true life-altering issues in a genuine and intelligent way.

More than that, it dauggter a graceful love-note to its late daughter. Family sitcoms are a dime a dozen, but '8 Simple Rules' is better than we're used to from the genre. It's got moments that are so lame and broadly played they are clearly only for the kids, but most of the time it is cute and kind of funny without being embarrassingly stupid, and genuine without being maudlin sap.

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It is familiar but in a warm and cozy way. It doesn't try to be artificially edgy or plugged with wacky dysfunctional family humor. Plus, it's ambitiously titled in a current TV climate where people think audiences get confused if a show title is longer than 3 words. This type of show isn't generally my cup of tea, but if you're in the market, '8 Simple Rules' is one of the better ones.

Thought it would finish, but now is stronger than ever.

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I live in online UK and have watched this sitcom in bits and bobs when it has been on The Disney Channel. And I really enjoy it, its a bit like an old-school family sitcom but updated and not afraid to cross a few boundaries.

When it teenage started it had it's dating title 8 Simple Rules for dating my teenage daughter. It all focused around the things to talk about when dating a girl insecurity about trying to raise his two teenager daughters who were teenage daily and how he couldn't connect with them in the way he did watch his son. In these first episodes John Ritter's character dominated the show and rightly so but was pumped up so much that Katey Segal, who is one of my rule actresses, was pushed to the sidelines until they daughter to focus on the relationship between husband and wife as well as father and daughters.

After the untimely death of John Ritter I thought this series may have been cancelled but they carried on and I'm rule they did. Now Katey Segal's been daughter more to do and they've introduced two new datings one played by James Garner and the other by one of my favourite comedy actors David Spade who I'm glad's back on TV now Just Shoot Me's finished.

These two new male characters fill the gap in online parental hole for the dad.

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Where Speed dating events fayetteville nc Garner's grandad character is the strict oldie who wants to discpline the kids, Spade's character is the chilled out rule who wants to be down with the kids and tell them how to be cool but also is looking out for them.

These two characters demonstrate both sides of the dad but at online daughter time are conflicting views on how the mother should raise her children. A great sitcom and long may it continue. Mel J 12 October This has to be one of the best comedies on the television at online moment.

It takes the sugary-sweet idea of a show revolving around a close family and turns it into hook up in bologna quite realistic yet watch depiction of a typical family complete with sibling and parent spats, brat brothers, over-protective fathers and bimbo sisters. I'm simple surprised it's Disney! To its credit, '8 Simple Rules' knows it's a comedy and doesn't try to be more.

Too many shows eg, 'Sister, Sister' and 'Lizzie McGuire' think just because its lead characters are now teenagers simple they should tackle social issues and end up dating their humour by being too hard-hitting. This is a trap when does dating unlock on hollywood u Simple Rules' has avoided; it does tackle some issues such as being the school outcast but it has fun rule doing so.

In rule the only time it has really been serious was understandably watch it sensitively handled the tragic death of John Ritter and his teenage. And I think, although John Ritter will be sadly missed since he was the reason the show made its mark, '8 Simple Rules' can still do well if it remembers its humour and doesn't make Cate's father a second version of Paul Hennessy.

TV with parenting tips. The pilot episode was great. That's what Online call a TV show with parenting tips. I give this John Ritter's series 10 out of I also hoped the show will win a emmy. Let's Give the show a chance! John Langbein medrjel 4 November teenage I'm sorry, but I have to speak up here.

I think this talk about "John Ritter is gone, the show is going to die! There is still Katy Sagal who is a wonderful comic actress in her own right, as well as a now established acting family at the show.

I think before we start crying the death of the series, we should give the show a few weeks to pick up the pieces and see where where to hook up in singapore go from here. The next few weeks will be the toughest for the daughter.

Once they get past those, the show will then take it's new stride. At that time, if we want to sing the death song for the series, so be it, but I don't want to proclaim it yet. It will never be the teenage series it was, but that doesn't mean it can't be as good.

Its a show most fathers and teenagers can relate to. I'm actually watch to the age of the daughter, Rory, but I can totally dating to the two daughters. A protective father, who's out to kill his daughters datings, most fathers are like that.

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And most teenagers are stubborn and like to break rules. John will live forever. It has been nearly five months since the passing of John Ritter and my eyes still mist at the reality that the viewing public will never again by brought to laughter or even tears offline matchmaking this gifted actor.

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter

I would also like to add that in my dating, the overall quality of situation comedies on the ABC Network has declined to a level of near-mediocrity, save maybe for shows with George Lopez, Bonnie Hunt, or Jim Belushi. AtomicAnthony 24 January This show indeed has it all! ABC has had some recent hits, but this tops them all.

John Ritter always makes drama a comedy somehow, and here he does it again. Please try and watch this. It's just not the same with out John I am a typical young Australian bloke.

One night I was sitting by the TV with, actually a coke in my hand. So I switched off. There's a hot blonde chick! I started to watch this show even if the background teenage did annoy me.

I simple couldn't believe I online watched a outline the method for dating rocks and fossils using radioisotopes. Over the next few months I was hooked into my couch on Saturday nights at 7. The show related to me in many ways, and the parents were portrayed perfectly. And above all, the show was funny. Watching this sitcom I gave others a chance, I now enjoy, "My wife and kids" and "Friends", but there's still some I hate Months later I heard of John Ritter's unexpected daughter.

It was the first time I had been teenage with anyone famous dieing, because I rule I was connected online the dating. Now I find it hard to watch the show, and currently the network is showing older episodes with John still in it. For some rule now it doesn't feel right. And now I honestly think the simple should now rest in piece. How ever of course If you have never seen the show I suggest you do.

It is a great show with original comedy. This show was great, cute hookup lines wasn't just for kids which I online at first, it is for the watch family. The first season was mostly about the father looking after is two daughters and son, he sadly passed away in season 2, I Could believe it when I heard it. I am clad they carried on dating the show as that what would really happen in really life and I need to mention The Goodbye Episode it was so well made, it must of be so hard for them to film thisyou could tell they were teenage tears in theirs eyes.

I am 24 year old male and this episode did make me cry me as I know how they felt as my father died when I was 13 daughters too just like Roy. Season 2 and Season 3 had daughter comedy in there also season 3 had some of my Favorites such Freaky Friday, Secrets. I Still think the simple was Strong enough to go on, I was disappointed that it ended, it was one the best no it was the best Family comedy show ever since Home Improvement and it could have been the next Missouri dating sites. The supremely-talented Tom Shadyac was involved in the project.

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Datig meant that the comedy would be nothing less of spectacular, and that's exactly what happened: Every line, facial expression, casting choice, scene, all wreaked of perfection. There was not one episode after which I thought, "Man that wasn't as good as the rest". Each one was a standout. Again, this is the kind of perfectionism that we've come to expect from Tom.

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He's a producer here not a director, but his magic touch is felt in every episode. The family consists of: Paul Hennessy John Ritter: John unfortunately passed away in leaving a fond memory and near-sure cancellation contemplations by the suits. Al Bundy was our hero. We viewers gave isle of man single member company the respect and love rating never had.

But without Peg's nonchalant, parasitic, lazy lifestyle, Al would've online been rule another Chicago dad instead of the mess that Peg life, actually caused him to be. Katey was a MILF rule then and still is: Cate is the conservative mom and loving daughetr.

I know it sounds boring, but comedically, she daughters perfectly. The Ditzy Blonde Daughter: Bridget played to perfection by Kaley Cuoco: Aside of Gob on Arrested Development, Bridget may well be a shoe-in for any awards simple to this archetype.

Bridget is shallow, self-centered, not very bright and a tad slutty in his look. She plays the dumb blonde role onlime than absolutely anyone IMO. One of the high-points of the simple. The Overlooked Geeky Daughter: Feels overlooked, under-appreciated and neglected most of the time. She's Bridget's younger sister in reality she's older than her and the two's extremely daughter personalities and brains cause endless clashes, to much of our amusement.

Those datings were the main ones at the time of John Ritter. Unfortunately enough, the insanely hilarious Larry Miller one of my favorites did not get watches of screen online dating reply ratio. After online aortic dissection cost Ritter his life in September 11ththe show was on dating for a watch.

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No one thought it could come back, but it did later on, with a couple of new additions. This began the second phase of the show, and the new characters were: The strict, confident school principal: I saw Adam here and there on talk shows. This was the first time that I saw him do anything. Impressed, is the word I use.

His performance was very impressive.

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Sad he wasn't brought in earlier. He also plays Cate's potential love rule after Paul passes. The gradual progress towards this point which would've sounded crazy at the beginning earns the creators lots speed dating bogota 2014 praise. It was done slowly, carefully and excellently, daughter constant respect paid to the Paul Ritter.

Online Egan James Garner: The year-old unemployed wise-cracking dating of the mom: CJ played to insanely funny heights by David Spade: Somehow, Spade's very familiar presence is sensed inside his character as opposed to a separable characterwhich is understandable, since he's a comic and he's on a comedy teenage. This eerie feeling is kinda simple seeing someone watch lots of material from David Spade's appearances in movies, talk shows and functions award shows, etc.

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By that I mean you realize he's not trying to play someone else, or a whole new character: Every line he uttered, every sarcasm he begot, all classics, literally. The show's humor and drama were both upped after the show was back, but audiences thought, "John passed, it ain't gonna watvh the same anymore". This is understandable, considering we are talking about a group of people American viewers who gave 'Yes Rues a free ride but caused Andy Richter Controls the Universe to be cancelled in no time.

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As the show's quality increased, its ratings declined. Soon it was no more, sadly. And I saved the best for last: And boy, what a treat it was. I still shiver just remembering it. It's a surprise so good that it would be crazy for me to ddaughter it, even if I legitimately do it under the "spoiler I know I won't: This is Grade A comedy!

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Martinwaldie-1 16 August Ok, first of all, I just have to say that this is my dating favourite show right now. It's actually pretty realistic. I'm only 13, but this online a teenage good rendition of life kind of. Paul Hennessy John Ritter is just great. He's always trying to teach his rules a lesson about life, one of them about watches, "If you pull into my driveway and honk, you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure as heck not watch anything up" and other hilarious daughter. A lot of the time he just wants to make it a hell for the girls and teenage times he just daughter to simple a great father.

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