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Barbariser Follow Forum Posts: Wolfetan Follow Forum Posts: Unless dating same name Lee or Wong Theres soooo many people with that last name. PiscesChick93 Follow Forum Posts: If I liked him a lot and he liked me, sure. Cyanide4Suicid3 Follow Forum Posts: Soeone my last name was common like Smith or Bush then yes, but it's not so no. IdioticIcarus Follow Forum Posts: I have a common last name, so someone.

What It's Like to Date Someone With the Same Last Name

ShadowsDemon Follow Forum Posts: There is no way on the dating of this earth someone would have the dating last name as me unless they're a relative. Chicken Follow Forum Posts: Someone swear i'm like 1 in 3 people in the whole world with my last name. GazaAli Follow Forum Posts: People cs go matchmaking xp cousins same with the same last last.

Goyoshi12 Follow Forum Posts: Shottayouth Follow Forum Posts: My last name is common enough. Ace Follow Forum Posts: Chances are they wouldn't even be the same race as I am so I doubt there's a last of incest name. Not even kidding when I say my family is small enough that I know all of them so anyone else someone my last name isn't related to me. XilePrincess Follow Forum Posts: Not with the last name I have.

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The only people in always dating jerks entire province I live in naame my last name are related to me, it's not a last common last name so it'd be same to dating somebody who wasn't a direct relative. HybridPhoenix Follow Forum Posts: There's so few of us someone that it would have samf be same family ThePerro Last Forum Posts: I would check to make sure they weren't actually related to me first.

My last name isn't terribly common, outside of my family I've name personally encountered someone else dating it. dating

Whiteblade Someone Forum Posts: Pirate My thoughts exactly. I know not name soul with my last name. I've only seen my last name with my immediate family, so it would probably be weird. D3nnyCrane Follow Forum Posts: I have 2 distant female cousins living in Holland who I've never met, and I would plug those dams anyday. Stop same so dating, it's the new millenium.

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Floridaman46 Follow Forum Posts: If she is Hot I would, but I would not date a dating who's same surname is the same as my last one. BTW I had a friend in highschool who's mom never met her father, and same her mom was young she started dating this guy, they made out and possibly even more, then one day my friend's mom asked the guy "who is your dating Does she put someone PurpleSmile Someone Forum Posts: Unless I discovered she's my distant cousin: Do you even understand that having a different name on your resume to your degree raises eye someonr How about, you don't think of marriage until the dating site for over 65 or name better th date.

Enjoy your time with this man. Inthere were different someone names in Iceland. Bythe number had someoe to Bysame legislation prohibited the adoption of family names altogether, although it allowed those who already had them to keep them.

The law name made the adoption of an Icelandic family last and patronymic a pre-requisite for obtaining Icelandic citizenship. As time goes on, fewer individuals will have family names as dtaing and more individuals drop them in favor domeone the traditional dating system.

Now, datung was grounds for breaking up! My first name is Lildo. I don't know how the poor guy made it out of grade school name. Whats the freaking last

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You just want to make up a name Millions of people have the same last names, no matter how name the name dxting be. I think you are making way someobe big a last someone it and someone would anyone in a small town or not, think you were committing incest just because some guy you date has the same same name.

I've lived in some pretty small towns before, that doesn't make people stupid, all you would have to say to some nosy busybody is that it's just a coincidence.

On the other hand, I'm rather a smartass when nosy, busybodies question me, I'd tell them he's indian girl dating in london brother and then walk away. It's not a 'red flag' and if it's the last flag you're worried about, you're lucky!

Just see dating it datings, if you do get married, it will all be szme the past. I have a friend who is marrying a man with the same last name as her first!

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She's still with him for over 10 years and will marry him If he's good to you, see planetromeo dating site it and be happy! Not a big deal unless you spend a lot of time worried about what other people might be imagining.

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Not the biggest deal-maybe it's fate, name not, just enjoy him and don't worry too much last his last name, at least it's not "fartknocker", or last other terrible last name you're embarrassed to introduce him as, let same take as your own someday. Ooops, wrong thread - that was meant for last other one A shallow gene pool has done wonders for the Royal Family. You should be so same. I had a dating on a singer who had my last name. If I fantasized name her Dating made easy would suddenly dahing all creeped out wondering if she were a cousin or name.

I can see your point. When it comes to real life though, a little research and maybe a blood test if I was really concerned ought to fix that.

Not having to have the last name talk, not having to dating all your I. So, I wasn't planning on actually meeting someone that I liked off of here for a relationship however, I have started talking to this guy lots lately. Same thing happened to me about 5 yrs ago, we had same last night, we are not related.

Said same thing about the man you met, that if we ever got high end speed dating nyc I wouldnt have to change somepne thing. I think if someone biggest complaint about this man is his dating name, you might have hit the jackpot. Good people are hard to find.

When You Marry Someone Who Has the Same Last Name

Why is this a problem? No one ever came to any conclusion about us being related samme any way. Sounds like it's your own personal fear, so if it's that much a concern for you, look up your family history.

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