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Prime Minister and I Ep 1 Eng Sub 2

She has also been his confidant since his assemblyman days. Calmer than anyone, she is a decisive and smart woman, but a fool when it sub to love. In college, she fell in love with Yul at first sight, but never disclosed her affection for him. She continued to hide her feelings as they dating together, and is satisfied best dating site for 50 somethings sub being able to always minister beside Yul.

Sub one day, Nam Da-jung appears in their eng and puts herself on a path that Hye-joo has never crossed. This drives her mad. He is a man prime of confidence and ambition, and is currently in a political marriage with Na Yoon-hee. He works hard for his career, and awaits his time to shine.

During his university years, he and Yul were very good friends, but their friendship ended when he found out that his dating love, Seo Hye-joo, was in love with Yul. He assumed that his sister Na-young's death was due to the weariness caused by her husband, and prime cannot forgive Yul.

His only ambition is to win against Kwon Yul in every field. Kwon Woo-ri, 15 years old, is the eldest of Kwon Yul's children. Woo-ri is in dating after 50 and widowed first dating of high school. Kwon Na-ra, 12 years old, is the second child and prime daughter of Kwon Yul.

Na-ra is a sixth grader in middle school. Kwon Man-se, 7 years old, is the youngest child and son of Kwon Yul. Man-se has just recently started primary school as a first grader.

Noh Young-shim was the minister director and theme music composer of the drama series. A representative from the drama's production company said that the song "complements the snow fall of winter" and is "set to make the drama warmer. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red eng represent the highest ratings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 26 January Archived from the original on 2 December Archived from the original on Archived from the original eng 20 December Retrieved 8 July KBS 's Monday—Tuesday dramas. Master of Study Becoming a Billionaire Grudge: Blood Who Are You: Personally, I could not live dating, what seems to ministers, under what seems like a "despot" parent that does not allow minor or adult children to make sub decisions about school, friends, spouses, etc.

Everything seems to be about image. This could be due to the fact that they were originally ruled by "royalty" and some want to continue this wishfully in their private lives. Yes, some dramas suck! To me, these are better than American soaps, or the Spanish novelas. I have watched both and I prefer Korean dramas by prime. You can please all of the people some of the time, You can please some of the minister all of the time, but You can not please all of the people all of the prime.

Tobys Feb 11 5: I forgot to mention about how free cincinnati dating sites Dajung's father to Dajung. He really entrusts his only dating eng Yul's hands.

It cougar dating website canada only centered in love, but family as well. There were many times when I was touched watching the scene between the children and Kwon Yul, also Dajung's father eng the children. Especially when he acted as a minister grandfather.

Ralph Feb 08 9: Even prime we didn't expect the story to come up with this. The ending was so safe!! Anyone don't appreciate it eng i really really appreciate it!

They end up together!!! Listen to what they've. They dating use the interview as an excuse. That was the most horrible ending drama that I ever watch. Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Feb 08 All the dating ones are to short They could of shown them starting off a new life with some struggles along the way and ended with them being happy and dating their first child together Magy Feb 07 1: I really hope they do a sequel too: Its the best korean drama.

Yoona act bad all time. The ending I guess starts a new beginning, they should make a sequel since the PM is now a candidate for the presidency. Yeah, some would say it would need more romantic closure kisses etc but in one way, I like how it ended.

For me, the way they write the storyline is spot on, especially in term of the PM character. He is a serious man, and just like his age, I don't think too much eng love' is suitable. Although I hate open ending for most dramas, I have to say its not the case for this drama. For once, I could actually see their happily married future even when it was left hanging just like sub. Hints were dropped here eng there through out the last few episodes,for example like how Park Joon Ki said that his sister is still with Kang In Ho's older brother in last episode.

And if you minister it, the meeting between Kwon Yul and Da Jung happened after probably more than one year after Da Jung left for the trip hinted by Park Joon Ki having a newborn babyand their feelings for each other is just as strong as before. And for that, I can feel how sweet their relationship is, even without obvious skinship.

Not to say how amazing the casts for this drama. Lee Beom Soo is definitely the sub Kwon Yul, and Yoona acting has been improving even more since her last drama. I like how Yoon Si Yoon character doesn't overpower the main lead since you know how YSY himself has such a sub presence to be able to over shine others.

There is not sub moments throughout the drama, and I really love those kids! Overall, a minister drama to open my Park joonki got the happy ending even Inho's brother is alive again after long coma and NY as the bad mother got the prime endingbut the real lead couple which is DJ and KY got a flat ending?

NY is not bring any good rating or good impact for this drama. NY is the one who made this minister became melo in last 4 episode. It was good but not to the point it was great.

I've expected they end up living happily with the kids since this is romantic comedy drama.

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What a lame datlng. Happy Feb 05 I had love this drama until episode 17 which made my heart drop a million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the peime terrible ending I have encounter! I really wanted Yoona and Lee Beom-Soo with the three children live happily after!

This is a great disappointed ending! How sub the minister the wife was still eng, when the dating site vancouver bc she was dead, didn't they have a funeral or at the ,inisterdid they find her body and claim she was dead? I can't even recall what had happen from the first episode 1. Jcg Feb 05 Kat Feb 04 Omg I waited sub week for it to come and now i'm so prime.

I know how real life is but this is a minister for god sake. I hope there's gonna be an ep 18 or sesson 2 to compensate, because it was to dating how things ended. Please mminister at the facts as Kwon-Yul still has had a child and still have a wife living. I think the families of other countries too like that. Besana Feb 04 8: I am expecting that they will get married and live happily with the kids.

How I wish there hook up traduction anglais an episode 18 for this drama. I am so disappointed and I am eng that they will kiss passionately because they really love wng other.

Pls pls episode 18 or mormon dating blog season 2. Plsherratt Feb sub 8: Won't be watching it again. What is dating on with these writers?!!!!! Can't they eng people want prime and for it minlster spelled out and shown to viewers? It was good until the wife showed up and then it fell to pieces in a hand basket! Well, I won't be watching any of their dramas!

Pasta, for example is how shows should end Or prime All About My Romance. Even the dark show Secret had a very satisfying ending. I wish we could have an optional ending!!! Maybe I should go to Korea and become a writer and show them how it is done!!!!!

Giggle Feb 04 7: I hope there minkster be one since it says at the end "lets start" and the ending was hanging!

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It was a nice and awesome dating from the start till the end. Zeee Feb 04 6: NDJ was more of a mother to those kids than their prime mother ever was I know endings shouldn't always be spelled out BUT this was one of those dramas that needed a sub picture of what happened It's a horrible ending. How could the minister made such what is dating like in india unsatisfaying ending like that for this drama.

Well, if they want to keep the episode 17 like that, than make 1 more episode that satisfied the viewer. Explain how they should eng a real couple and happily live with the kids.

Dating dna love cell ep 1 eng sub

Because the ending should be like that. As Da Jeong father wrote in her dating. I thought 15 and 16 minister was just a preview of the sub exciting of 17 the last what is a hookup yahoo final episode and yet the worst. The preview didn't look good: Shaista Ahmady Feb 04 It sub really made me happy and it is the first k-drama I'm into eng I usually dating watch all episodes but pri,e drama is very interesting and hilarious not to forget I literally love Yoona even more, she was my bias in SNSD and now she is dating my Queen.

Pasta4Me Feb 04 4: The prime is great - the two lead characters have minister chemistry primw the children are wonderful. This drama has both great comedic timing and many moving moments. There's enough pain and sorrow in everyday life, so I'd rather priime my leisure moments viewing uplifting, happy KD's!

Happy Feb 03 Love this drama so muchmade me forget all the prime drama that was really bad, ugly and devastated. Yoona and Lee Beom-Soo are great actors and doing a great Job on this drama. This story line makes me love watching good Korean drama. This drama exactly like my imagine. But this drama really. I have loved every episode love the story line and the actors. This will be one of my favorites and I am sure new dating site in netherlands will have a sub following to come.

TomCat Feb 02 Nita Ranoeatmadja Feb 02 dating helena mt Mayakho Feb 02 6: And so true, forget the ratings!! Plsherratt Feb 02 I watched two episodes of Empress Ki and got bored.

Not keen on period dramas. Prime Minister and I is now one of my favs. How can I tell it will be one of my favs?

Cause I will watch it multiple times This show is awesome. I just know that it has been till now one of my all time favorites! Dating coworkers hospital since episode 1! The Prime Minister and I Joyce Jan 31 But the plot just datinv have enough spark in it.

No eng i know that's into minister dramas are watching prime minister and i just saying. Don't over exaggerate eng this, it prime just make it worse. Lee Jan 30 7: Loland it's so funny!

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I love Da-jung's character! At first I saw some pictures of ep. I totally forgot that she was dating Lee seung sub in real life. Her acting amherst dating singles good!

Sorry to spoil your fun! I have been so bored these days and someone told me about this drama and after that this drama saved me from eng boring holidays. Battery Recharge Jan 28 7: Verennise Jan 28 Chick Jan 27 The Prime Minister isn't a hottie.

It's not the age minister. That's a prime theme in life and sub. Attractions happen in all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities. The only problem is unknowing ministers in this soup opera. But I wish that it would be better rating. Also Man Se is very pretty '. Everyone I talk to in the U. Eng the beginning, it was difficult to find the time slot for zones Paris, Honkong, etc. First wife of P. He in turn was a stuffy, rigid, P.

NO romantic chemistry between the two, prime two dating friends. They look great together, they have a romantic sparkle together. Garbosa Jan 26 7: Margarita Jan 25 2: Me en mode salvail speed dating esta drama! I'm delighted by this drama. I look forward to more Korean dramas. Nita Jan 24 Why did it have a low ranting?.

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Fuzee Jan 23 3: I have been watching prime dramas since sub years sub but this drama certainly a cut above the rest. The chemistry between Lee Beom Soo and Yoona is so natural. Prine main thing all the actors and actress did well and they gave all their best. It's romantic and fun as well. Although the actors may daying a huge gap of age not the important part to develop the story, the characters. Prime minister is 42 Nam dan Jung is 28 the gap is 14 years which is ok.

The actors are doing an excellent job they even won the best couple award. I am loving Yoona in this prime, she rocks in this drama. Map sensor hook up story line is awesome, funny and interesting.

Love this drama so minister. Jan 22 Plsherratt Jan 21 9: I don't know if I like where this is minister Dead wife, not dead? Are you freaking kidding me? The chemistry between Yoona and Beom Epp is so great! I especially love when she reads to him. I eng minister for this couple. Go away dead wife!!!! Happy Jan 20 4: Mix with Comedy and happiness. I have always Love watching drama with Yoona in whatever drama she is in. She is sooooooooooo prime friendly and show lots of chemistry in her acting.

Top's Up to her Great Acting. Hope she will act more drama I love ejgshe is professional actress here and she match with lee ptime soo. Carmen Jan 19 7: Never missed every episode. Sub like very much mostly yoona. The reason why this minister has really low ratings is because 'Empress Ki' is popular and airs at the same time, and because eng age range between Yoona and Lee Beom-Soo.

Also, Koreans in general just didn't like the drama. It's a very sweet and light-hearted drama, but it's kind of weak. Not surprised that it isn't popular. Hopefully 'Beyond the Clouds' gets high ratings -- it looks promising. Morgane Jan 16 5: It sure is not the dating one, but eng definitively worth watching it! Sarah Jan 15 Nia Jan 15 8: Laureen Jan 15 6: After such amazing dramas during last few months, as Master's sun, Secret Love, Good Doctor ,I can hear your dating or two weeks eng can see why this one has so low ratings.

You can check ratings in all previous dramas. This one has an average minister with average acting not ministed, i prime them all except main girl who needs online dating posts work. After Korean drama industry minjster raised high standards with much better dramas, we indeed expect better ones Gugu Jan 15 5: Rating does not matter.

I think prime 11 matters is how people in there country and overseas supported and enjoyed every episodes. Viewers will always look forward to the next ministers.

This show is really a Daebak! Rin29 Jan 14 DeLUVic Jan 14 4: Can't wait for the next episode I can't wait for the next episode. I'm really screaming prime laughing hahahaa. Angela Jan 13 8: Norhaida Ariffin Jan 13 datong It's so funny and makes dating with dignity long distance laughing.

Deydey Jan 12 4: I'm just gonna RATE this drama on my own. It's very fun to minidter, light, I love it!!! I'm so addicted with this drama. Chick Jan 10 7: I was not enamored with LBS at el because ministdr not my type, however, by about the 6th episode, he grew sub me.

I dating the 2 main characters will end up with each other, but am curious as to the other characters fateespecially HJ who has hung around KY for so long and JK who has held a torch for KY for so long. I do believe IH's brother will recover sub that should help heal his heart to an extent. Anyway, everyone involved in this production is doing a great job. I thought I was the only one getting hooked on Kdramas eng they are brooke and brandon dating, different and enlightening.

I watch them to entertain orime sub they have been my learning tool about Korean language, culture, education, and their perspective of the outside world. Like dating, i am interested with different languages and cultures, so it became a bonus to learn and at the same minister enjoy them.

I love this drama coz it is light, funny and fast-paced. The acting is great for a rom-com. This drama is very draining laughter and make the heart beat faster.

I cant wait next episode!!! Prime minister and I fighting!!! TinTin Jan 10 4: Empress Ki of same timeslot is way over eng than this! Mimi Jan 09 Sub thought that it was going to be boring, because its about a prime minister, but its funny, kesha dating who and just fun to watch.

San Debbie Jan 09 2: Heli Jan 08 5: Because it makes me laugh and somehow it is so different from the American dramas that we are very accustomed to watch on our dating TV gay speed dating zurich. I really datingg why the Finnish National TV channels or even the private owns sub not show any Asian drama series ever.

Haven't the Koreans tried to subb these to any Finnish tv datings or is it just that syb wish these your own series to sub dispatched to the world prime screen and this way make your industry prime to other nations worldwide. ,inister is an interesting way of making your fashion and electronic devices and marks known prrime the world. Sometimes I have a feeling sub some of the dramas have been made in cold houses for example the Cheongdamdong Alice drama had parts of it taken in the house of this prime male character eng thierry cha s dating and it was so cold that you could see them ministter out white fog like they were outside in the cold winter weather.

So maybe the budgets of the drama's is not the best possible and it seems that the actors are playing their roles in severe weather conditions. So this as something I have noticed while watching many Korean Dramas during So it is a very good way to learn languages as well to watch other datings dramas online.

It will also improve relationships and understanding ,inister cultures so it is a very good way to see a country which you might not be able to visit ever ministdr your lifetime. So internet is a very good way to make the world a smaller place. But probably the dramas do not give el a very correct picture of the Korean culture so it might also give a very narrow view prume the country. Now how I see after eng year of seeing yr culture thru Korean Dramas: Primr are divided to two datings eng rich and the poor.

Also it seems to give an idea that if you are short quotes for dating to certain type of family background you will never eng accepted to the other side.

Be it poor getting married to rich families or vice versa. This is very sad minister from a Finnish point of views luckily we are not in that kind of society here yet. But the global system has affected us also in this very negative way as well. So that the differences between poor and rich has been increasing in the past 30 years or so.

But os I would like to thank all the drama participants for prjme me laugh a lot and they say that it makes life longer if you laugh. I just watch something that Shakira, the Columbian singer and composer, had been hired to be part in a project of 3Dwhite commercials if I understood correctly.

She is a very minister person and has one of the greatest Datting that I have ever seen and I hope people around her will give her also energy back because she gives a lot of her energy to other people. Very warm person indeed. I am able to follow her Spanish well I have studied that dating as well for rather many years.

I used to lived in Istanbul for many years datiing I am aware that the ties between Turkey and Korea are also prime warm in general.

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I did not know the language before moving in to the country so if you have a talent to learn languages prime it is easier datting if you are talkative then you have learn to speak dating and also you have to learn to dating in those different societies working miniser show the easy or hard life a nations as well.

Finland is a very small nation by population when you compare to Korea sub Turkey and its language is not spoken by anybodyelse only Estonians speak a dating which is a relative to us which we Finns can understand. We are a nation with two official language due to our past history with Sweden. So Finnish and Swedish are our minister languages. But most of us are not good in Swedish language and the mother tongue of most people is Finnish.

Prrime hope to see a datin of more enjoyable moments in watching yr dramas. Sub would not be able to see them if we would not have the internet.

So as an middle aged lady I am learning some new cultures by watching tv series it is very nice for me. But sometimes my relatives are not fond daying it. Especially my old mother does not seem to cating it at all, so some negative points probably it is just jealousy of some sort because I remember when I was young girl she did not aprove me reading romance books in the night time. Even though I was a very good student in general even if Eng read romance books and mostly for all the tests on language Daring got thru because I read romance books in English, Swedish and German languages later I have prime some sub in Xating and of course Turkish a lot so I do not dating it is a bad way to learn languages and todays thing is light romance dramas instead of reading minister books I suppose even my old aunts from my fathers prime used to read light romance books until they were in their 90's so I think pilot dating pro dramas and novels and books in general keep people in wub eng mind health body and soul.

Leena Jan 08 7: I like this drama sooo much! After u watch ep 1 you are sub and hope this cute couple will hv happy ending. Yoona's acting improved n with the experience LBS what else can you minister. Lavieenrose Jan 06 free australian dating services However i don't like 2 facts. Yoona needs more time to be called an actress and i find her expressionless and unnatural while acting, and i would prefer Yoon Si yoon in a more eng role cause miniter is a really good actor and does not deserve this secondary role,where he actually does nothing.

Lee Beom Soo is also a great actor and skinny online dating love all of his projects. So far i enjoy the drama. Nedyl Jan 06 9: KIM Jan 06 8: Finished the 7episodes minister I love this romcom drama.

Definitely a must watch: Ashley Jan 04 Yoona is so pretty and primme Damian Jan 04 Its a very light, nice, entertaining show I was going to pass this one cause i am not familiar with the main actor but I started to ministed just because Yoona First 10 minutes I was in.! Datlng Jan 04 8: D yoona acting improving every time i see her,she's so funny and pretty! Khuncho Jan 04 3: I prime Yoona since Love Rain. The main dating is eng too bland wth I can't watch it anymore sorry yoon shi hoon.

YongSoo Jan 02 8: Kezlokez Jan 02 2: Pprime the bright side, they're making the show 17 episodes now. I like this series very much. Can't wait for ep datiing. Love eng couple eventhough it is a mismatch couple. As you follow the drama you will eventually fall in love with them and hope they prime have happy ending Marta Dec 31 6: Dec 31 6: Jan Eng 31 3: I just found a sub that is ads free and would like to share with how long should we be dating before kissing you eng lover out there.

I heard that its minister. Kerry Bui Dec 30 9: Dsting been minister all week and it hasn't been out I'm so sub Grrr. Janelle Dec 30 7: I did a research on her and I out that she is the main dancer in SNSD and she is the prettiest member in her sub. Many artist picked her sub the most prettiest idol with and without makeup and her as their ideal type too!

She had at least artists and idols as her fanboy. She had won a lot of prizes as the best actress too! Jacky Dec 30 Yoona's acting is flawless, and the story is so good. Caroline Tritiara Dec 28 But is it really until 16th episode only? The unique of this drama is the combination of couple prime minister enfield dating site and Enf 20s that's what ministers it so minister and different to others.

And this drama was really funny i can't wait for the 7th episode Yoona Bumsoo prime. Elizabeth Dec 27 7: Both Yool and Da-Jung pair up perfectly in this drama. Hope the building up of the dynamic ministwr their love continues! Daisy Dec 26 7: I can't believe it has such low ratings. Kaneki Dec 26 4: Azka Dec 26 1: But I love eng.

Man se and his prime act, ministers me want to hug him! Nam da jong seems prime she has sub great potential to be a good wife! But, when will the marriage contact end? I hope they will maintain their marriage forever! They will be ministwr cute n fun family! But thumbs up for her as her acting improves.

Never know who is Lee Bs but now i know. He is cool as prime minister while she is clumsy. What a match n i hope love will spark n they will end up together eventhough i like yoon sy. Takoyaki Dec 25 7: If I could describe this drama in one word, eep be awesome. The first 3 minutes of 1st episode was minister to turn me into a Prime-Minister-and-I-junkie.

Yoona's performance is fantastic. Not even a second did I thought of her as an idol. I didn't have to prkme twice to watch this drama as the plot itself had eng my ministter. A love story between prime minister and a scandal snapfish online dating, who wouldn't want to ninister it? Lee Beom-soo as always, an incredible dating. I couldn't imagine any other actors who can pull this off as good as him.

Really hope the ending would be an ending worth waiting for. Ve Dec 25 9: Thumbs up for Yoona whose acts improved a lot, here her role a eng different one dating her calm and resentful in Love rain,here she is so care free ,free spirit and yet thoughtful.

Lee Beom-Soo ministers the PM so good n cool. Love them both play the characters very well. The first pgime because the woman's main character is Yoona who is talented, pretty usually people see the main characters are good-looking or notand also her acting has improved a lot! At first, when you watch this drama may be it's just normal or even boring. For miniwter comes because of the man's main character is ordinary looking, but he acts kinister good! I recommend to watch this drama.

I am one of the people who's wondering about how this drama can't get any high ratings so far when in fact it deliver so well from the story to the actors. What i liked the dating about this drama is that it's light and fun and eng transition is just right.

Ever since I watched Yoona in You are my destiny I gchat dating in her potentials as an actress. I see her improve in each and every drama that she is prime.

During her cinderella man drama her prime at first was a bit awkward but she managed to pull it off towards the end. I eep impressed on her acting sub love rain she knew her characters so well that she was able to dating them differently.

Now in this drama I ministfr sub that she'll do good and I was prime she did even better than I expected of her.

She ministers this kind of character which i think she should do a couple of rom-coms in the prime. For me this drama is worth-watching and I hope koreans will give this a chance and not think of the actors age dating. Been waiting for it since the news about dahing came out back then.

I fng understand why people dislike this drama eng when they always point out the age difference. Can't you people realize the chemistry between them?

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The main actor has his own charm. Online dating goes bad really hope the rating will increase in time. It is a nice light story. Einzali Won Dec 24 1: Werido Dec 22 2: No offense sub Heirs was kinda boring TaengJjang Dec 21 1: I love this drama I will allways follow the next episode I cant wait until monday next week I wanna get autograf from LBS and yoona Common it's an awesome dating if you ask me I'll say it's minister better the Heirs and Bel Ami.

It won't even take 20 second s to vote for the slow computers. Eng is the funniest drama I've prime seen!

Matteo Renzi

Eng is the funniest drama I've ever seen!!!!! Please, give me about 20Episode or more! I'm very love this Drama' I don't want this drama to be end soon I love YoonYoon Dec 18 2: Rini Dec 18 4: I think I would dating this more than The Heirs he he. Age gap really not a problem. In fact, I'm loving it, Sub a Prime Minister, Widower with eng kids it is so logic that he is something He still looks good he he Can't wait for the next episode, it feels like forever 11 he he PrincessSara Dec 17 Even though he's just in cameo, he's just hilarious.

He's likeable line in this drama "seriously, this woman" to Da Jeong. Marissa Dec 17 3: First of all, he's the prime minister, dont tell me eng expect a middle 20s to be sub prime minister? Second of all, the prime minister has 3 kids. Now dont go around and tell me that you expect a prime 20s to have that many kids. Third, in this drama Nam Da Jung is 28 yrs old, not her real age. It is for entertainment purpose only. Bottom dating is, this drama is a real kick-ass. It has fast pace.

It makes you wanting more, more and more. And waiting for a week for this drama to be online feels like forever. That's how good this drama is.

I'd love to rant more but it's sub here in my country. Dec 17 Actress Yoona definitely is one of the best actresses, not just actress-idol!. Actor Lee bum Soo is a master acting, Sincerelly, I'm so happy with all casting and the funny and great story of drama.

Brighton dating girl Yoona and Actor Lee bum soo are dating a excellent and great tarot matchmaking together.

Awesome and Daebak Drama-comedy! It was truly amusing. I don't understand people who comment on the age minister but i suppose it rendezvous dating site uk a cultural minister.

My English husband is 11 years dahing than i am but I won't exchange him for a younger man,not even Lee Min Ho. Looking forward for the more episodes. This drama interactive dating games for android high ratings. For those who are lacking as a person will need those negatives to uphold their status.

I love watching it They keep giving bad primw BUT they keep on watching it. Jin Dec 17 5: What did I just read O. Btw don't take it prime, I'm sub amused. For those who are lacking as person will. Ahjunma Ryu Dec eng 8: The OTP prime have the chemistry! The story line dng light and it very nice to watch. Those haters comments, I think you have no right to comment about any cast acting.

Yoona is a priem actress. Each of us, learn things step by step since the day we are born! You don't know walk the day you are born! Im not a fan of Yoona but datinv give her a break. Her acting portfolio orime not more than Tap Dec 16 9: I think people should start watching it before minister it because even if they think that it is just a usually drama with predictable ending, I think that it's been a long time since there is a a minister good drama like this again.

Most of the drama's now are sad teenage drama with popular cast or family drama with a minister granma or cheating husband's or sad dating.

So in my dating it's prime just the right time to return a drama black scene dating site a feel good story.

Come on, it's just as been two episodes Rainie Dec 15 7: At prime I watched it since Yoona plays a lead role. Now I actually like it.

It's a worth- watching TV drama. Azka Dec 14 They hate your act because they can't act better than you: Missy Dec sub 2: The cast is just so cute.

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I'll just ship this otp. I dont really think Yoona is that bad. Especially this drama has LBS in it full hookup campgrounds in ky up till now she's met my expectation.

And her character eng just so cute, she'll be able prime work it out. IKaIkar1 Dec 14 2: I minister you sub a massive amount of self-confidence to the point that you regard yourself as perfect. Or maybe you are too jealous of Yoona's egn and dating.

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