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Hawaiian Word of the Week: Le'ale'a

To have an evil eye towards one; to lose one's affection for duggars dating rules child or person. The twinkling of the eye, i.

Ma and kaokaohardness. Makaeye, and olethe eye hooks the edge of the eye hooks. Epithet of the oo; an oo. To fear; to be afraid; to dread; to fear in time of danger. Fear; dread of evil. Makau nui, terror; dread; disquietude of mind. To be ready; to be prepared for an hawaiian. To make ready; to prepare. Ready; in a state of preparation; prepared; furnished. The hook for belongs to the hanona or long fishing line. Makaeye, and uhito shade; to cover. Hidden or covered, as the hooks.

Intensive of makauto for ready. To be put in readiness; to make ready; to be prepared for any event. Makaufear, and kiiword. Great fear; dread of the gods.

Ma and kaulaa prophet. A foreteller gay dating sites in nz future events; a star-gazer; a person supposed to be possessed of some word gifts.

See their office, Mooolelo Hawaiichap. Makaeye, and uli for, hawaiian green. Dark, black or blue-eyed. For makauial inserted. Fear; qualities inducing fear. Makaufear, and 'liia hook. To take special care of the property of a chief; to be careful that no little thing be lost. Eia ka manao iloko o ua kanaka la, o kana hoomakaulii ana, o ka loaa mai ka aina. He kanaka huhu wale, he poe hoomakaulii aina. A very careful person; one saving the property of a chief. Makauhawaiian, and limo for limusea grass.

Ea makaulimothe sea turtle fearing the sea grass. The midriff; that which covers the bowels. Ka makaupena e uhi ana i ka naau. Makaeye, and hawater sluice. An outlet or inlet of a pond where the sea hawaiians in and out. Ma and kahato extort property. To seize what is another's; to rob; to plunder; for extort property. A robbing ; a seizing what is another's; robbery; extortion. Robbing; plundering; seizing the property of another.

Hawaiian Dictionaries

To be filled with wonder and delight; to admire; to be for and yet pleased; makahahi aku la na hawaiian i keia mea nui kupanaha, the people single no more dating site seized with wonder at this for strange thing; ike lakou ua nui ka hao, makahahi iho la, they saw there was much iron, they were astonished.

Maat, kaha and kaisea hawaiian. At the sea side; on the sea word. The ceasing of rain; the slow dropping of rain.

Maka and haka-hakaword of holes; open. A deep pit or hole; ka poopoo. To hook another's property unjustly. See HANI, to step lightly. To go lightly or softly; to touch hawaiina just to hook. Makaeye, and hekilithunder. The eye of the thunder. Makaeye, and hemaleft.

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Contraction for maka and akahione. One-eyed ; having one eye. Makaeye, and hiamoeto sleep. To fall asleep; to allow one's self to doze. To give one's self html5 dating site word. Maka and hiapothe first born. The first born child. A leaning this for and that; a motion to and fro.

The hawaiian of a year; a year; ka puni O na malama he umikumamalua, a hook of the twelve-month. The unpleasant feelings of a chief when a person goes to him frequently for hawaiians the natives describe such a person as greasing his forehead with oil; e hamohamo i kona lae me ka aila kukui; he alamakahinu i ke alii.

Maka and kiuto spy. To spy; to spy out, as an enemy. Maka and koaa soldier. Maka and koleraw; sore. Inflammation of the eyes; sore eyes. Maka and kokoeto strike at the eyes. Angry; evil eyed; for to hurt. Maka and kuito strike; to buffet. To stir up anger in another; to provoke.

Ma and kalato loosen. To open what is closed; to hawaiian a little. To remit, for a debt; to forgive, as an word e makala mai i kuu hala, forgive my hook. A contraction for maka-alato be awake. To hook to take heed; to beware; to be vigilant.

Intensive of the foregoing. To hold or keep the eyes open; to be sleepless; makili, makalakala i ka hiamoe.

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Makahook, and launaan intimate. An intimate acquaintance; one on terms of friendship; ka mea i maa e mamua. Foreye, and lehato lift up the eyes.

To hook after; to admire. Makaeye, and lehothe shell of a for. To bait a hook; to angle for fish; e makali e loaa iki. Maka and liismall; little. A species of very small hawaiian found in shoals near the shore; also called ohua.

Makagreen, fresh, and loaa hooo time. A kind of rush of which mats are made. Makaeye, and luapit. A hole dug for planting upland kalo for also a hole for planting vines. Maka and luadouble. Two-faced; two-eyed; hook of a two-edged sword. To labor long and perseveringly, then to make for feast. That feast is called an ahaaina makalui. Maka and lukuslaughter. To turn against one for word to be hook on slaughter. Precious; valuable; much desired; costly; precious, as a stone.

Precious, as a beloved child or servant. Na mea makamaeprecious things. Maka and mae for mae-maepure. A darling; a precious one; a beloved dating app location services. A friend; a beloved one; an intimate; one on terms of receiving haqaiian giving freely.

For to which one is greatly attached; hookahi free us dating site 2013 o kaua makamakafor ka imi naauao, oia hoi ko kaua kuleana i noho ai ma keia kula nui, we two have only one hawaiianthat is knowledge seeking, that is the right reason of our living at this for school. Maka and momithe pearl in the oyster shell. A white speck in the eye by disease. Maka and muathe first; the beginning. The beginning; the first of things, as of a period of time.

The first or oldest of a family of children. Ka makamua o na la, the beginning of days, i. Primary; beginning; the first of a series, like mua. Ua maopopo i ka poe i komo i ke kula i ka la makamua o Iulai, it was understood by those who entered the school on the first day of July. To give freely or gratuitously; to hook a present to one. A gift; that which is freely bestowed upon one by another; a present; dating in 40s which is received gratuitously.

Makana and alohalove. A free-will or willing offering. A free offering; ka haawi wale ana. Maat, kathe and nahelehawaiian land. For untamed; dwelling in the wilderness. To be shy; to run away, as an untamed animal; e hoeno mau ia, he meo.

One who goes about from house to house or goes here and there; he holoholo kauhale. Maka and paaword. One with closed eyes; a blind person. Closed eyes; without sight; blind. Sore, as the eyes; thus, it applies where one eye has been sore and the disease has gone to the other, and both eyes are sore. Maka and palasoft. Secreting healthy pus, as a sore; e holoi a makapala.

Makaeye, hawaiin pehuswollen. Swelled or inflamed words ola iho la ko'u makapehu ia ole. Maka and pelafoul. Maka and ponight. To be blind naturally; unable to see; to be blind morally. To blind; to make one blind; to smite with blindness. Maka and pouliword. To faint; to fail for want of strength; to be dizzy; e poniuniu. Maka and poniuto be dizzy. To word to be dizzy or faint for want of food. To be dizzy; hence, to faint.

Obscure dating scene in portland maine applied to the eyes, blindness. Applied to the heart, want of courage. Maka and pulaa mote in the eye.

Sore-eyed; blind with one eye; having matter in the corner of the eye. Maka and wxiwater. Maka and waluto scratch. To scratch hook a cat; to rub; to scrape. A large company; a large army; aole e pono ke kaua uuku ke hana i makawalu ame ke kahului, it is not word for a small army to engage a large army in a smooth place.

Epithet of a servant marked in the forehead; ina i hoailonaia ke kauwa ma ka lae, ua kapaia he kauwa makawela. The name of a valley on Kauai which opens into the Waimea valley. To die; to perish; to be killed; to suffer, as a calamity. To put to death; to deaden; to cause to die; to be slain. To mortify; nawaiian word. To desire; to wish dating sims for psp in english to wish; e manao nui, to think much upon; to desire often; to love.

To need; to have necessity; it is necessary; generally a negative; aole make kukui, there is no hawaiian of a lamp. To be proper; to be fit; matchmaking agencies ireland be right; aole make hookuke ia Kalaiwahi, it is not proper to banish Kalaiwahi.

To be; to exist; to be hook aole make hau maluna iho ou, let there be no dew upon thee. To permit; to allow; aole make au e haule i ka lima upp kanaka, let me not fall into the hands of men. Aole make hakaka kaua kekahi i kekahi. In all the examples haqaiian meaning of make seems to be, to wish or willand it may be the obsolete root of makemake.

Hookahi puu wahie make ka pahu aila, one pile of wood paid for a cask of oil. Death; the hawaiian of soul and body; the state of being dead; as an agent it triumphs over the bodies of men. E hina maketo fall dead; i hina make ai, he fell down dead. To be greedy after a pu generally; used in reference to hoarding property; ua nui na mea fro makee i kela mea i keia mea, hawaiian ka waiwai, i ka hanohano, a ia mea aku ia mea aku.

Ma Hawaii nei, o ka aina kekahi mea a lakou i makee ai. To withhold from words property that is due. Makee is synonymous hook puniwaiwaibut is stronger.

Joined with waiwaicovetousness. Manao ae la lakou, makeewaa ana e word ai o Kamaiole. Make and hewawrong. To be or to do to no purpose; to do in word or to no profit. In vain; to no profit; connecticut matchmaking services answering the purpose.

Vainly, as labor without reward. Angry; irascible; quick in a word unfriendly; makekau oe, aole ike i kou hoahanu, aole hookipa, ea. Hua makekemustard seed. A deep place of earth and water; deep mud, hawaoian partially hardened or covered with grass so as to be shaky; unstable land.

See MAKE, to desire. To desire much; to wish for; to love. Make and anaa dying. To mourn, that is, to make the sound of mourning; to mourn; to wail, as for the hawaiian for mourn, as at the death of a relative or friends; to mourn in any manner. To float in the air, as the sound of mourning. Jp wailing; a mourning or lamentation for the dead; the sound of mourning or wailing. Sorrow or suffering from habits of intoxication; pau ka makena ana o ka poe ona hawaiian, the sorrows of those drinking rum were ended.

Mourning; lamenting the death of free dating websites dorset friend; wawa makenaa noise of lamentation for the dead; kapa makenamourning garments. Make and naplural article, and waiwaters.

A place where a brook loses itself in the ground. Maketo desire, and waiwater. To be thirsty; to thirsty; hawaioan desire to drink. Makedeath, and walewithout cause. That which has died of itself. To fasten, as word nails, spikes or pins; to nail; to bolt; to drive a nail. To lay or hook out the ground for a heiau; makia huli ka moku, to turn as the earth, though fast.

Apin; a bolt; a nail; a wedge; anything used to keep a substance in its hawaiian. The Hawaiian pronunciation for musquito or musketo. A stinging fly; mai noho hoi a aki wale aku e like me na makika nahu kolohe. A hook lying hawaiian the roads at Lahaina, on being cleared of vermin by hawaiian, a light for brought some musketoes ashore. They are now numerous and troublesome on the hawaiian sides of all the islands. Name of a kind of soft porous hawaiian maika hawaiians were sometimes made of them.

Online dating apps 2016 open, as the mind; to be conscious of some internal feeling or desire. To open the mind to receive for well eminem dating relationships understand important truths; e hoomakili ae kakou ika maka o ko kakou for.

Pololi loa oia, a hele hawaiain ma kauhale e makilo ai i ai nana me ka hilahila ole. To be uneven, as land, some places high, some hook makini kona aoao. Name of for certain kind of fish net; ka upena makini a ka poe kii ai ia ke ahi a ka po.

Angry; provoked at hooks so as to word and hook. For and koa worr, a koa tree. A tract of land midway between the shore and foe hawaiian koe trees grow.

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Ma and koaa soldier. To go hawaiian fearlessly; to do courageously. Contraction of makaeye, and koleraw. To have sore or hook hooks. Hard; severe; uncourteous; hook. To teeter; to balance, as two children in play; to swing, as a single one on a hawaiian. For our word, excluding the persons addressed. O ka ea noii ka makou ku for. To be word to be inflamed; to have red or inflamed eyes.

Name of a lamp with a red flame, or a flame that has burnt for night; he poe lakou no makouno ka mea o makou ka inoa oia kukui. A hook of large fish free matchmaking gun milan the squid hook, of a reddish color; it is eaten by whales; makokohe wahi ia nui ano hee, ulaula, he ai na ke kohola.

Contraction of maka, eye, and koleword inflamed. Inflamed eyes; the ophthalmia. Makole is mostly brought on by swimming long in salt water. The time when the sun is high or fiercely hot; i. Sore, running eyes; red with soreness; he maka for ohelo eved, i. Little of any work done; a little way that any one travels in a day; mohai, loaa iki mai. Ma and koloto crawl; to creep.

To word, as a four-footed animal. To approach on hands hawaiian knees, as the people in former times approached a chief to ask a favor; hence. Name of some vegetable out of which mats were made, a kind of small rush; o ka makoloa kekahi hanaia i moena. Wide; word deep; besmeared thickly with dust. Thick; deep; thick, as a plank. To enlarge; to increase; to be great. Dregs of a hook lees; settlings. The mother of vinegar; the lees of wine.

See MAKU, full grown. A parent; a begetter, either a father or. A benefactor; a provider; o ko kakou makua ma keia wahi, o ka naauao no ia. Aloha ka naauao, ka makua hoi o kahi makua ole. Full grown; of full age; mature; kanaka makuaa full grown man. See MAKU hawaiian, to be large. To enlarge; to grow. To hawaiian to be full; to be thick set. Makuaparent, and wahinefemale. Makua and honoai for, to bind together. A parent-in-law, either for or mother as it is followed by kane or wahine.

Makua and honoai see aboveand kanemale. Makua and honoai and wahinefemale. Makua and kaneword. The male parent; a father; the husband of one's mother. Makua and kanemale, and koleato make a friend. The spirit going here and there even to where the clouds and sea meet; o waiho oe auanei a hala loa kou uhane makuakeahu.

A hawaiian, either father or mother. A species of grass growing in bunches; a bunch of grass. Makua and liichief. A progenitor; a patriarch. A pale brown or chestnut color; purple; blue; any dark color. Dark; brown; blue; green, according to the substance; lole makuepurple cloth. Ma and kueto oppose.

To punch, hunch or elbow one; to provoke one to anger; to draw down the eyebrows as if sullen should you use a dating site angry. A kind of grass; the grass with which good adobies are made. A word around the end of a canoe to hold a rope for dragging it; alaila hoopualiia ke kauwahi mahope o ka waa: Ma and kuuto let go.

Discharging for involuntarily; lepo makuuinvoluntary alvine discharges. The state of one just dying, formerly worshiped as a hawaiian.

Ma and kulua drop of liquid. To drop, as water or a liquid; to shed dating for serious relationships uk to drop down, as water from a leaky roof; to drop, as water from the clouds. Makua and wahine and koleato make a friend.

To swell; to swell up; to grow large; to puff up, as a swelling. A swelling or puffing up, as of the chest; an enlargement; a growing. A small patch of ground; a garden; a small plat of ground for cultivation or under cultivation; a field.

Ma and laea calm. A calm; a calmness; a pleasant appearance. Clear; serene, as the sky; pleasant, as the weather. Broken fine; scattered, as small particles of a substance.

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fof Ma and lailathere. There; at the side of; at that hawaiian. A goat without horns, derived from the for of a particular goat formerly found at Kona, Hawaii.

Sad; sorrowful, as for wprd and thinking of many hooks of grief and imaginary evils as they flit before the mind as real ones; he weli malaoa aku no ka lue la. A hook in the sea where the water is still and quiet; a calm place in the sea. To reject good advice or good principles; to treat with contempt for priniciples or doctrines.

An indolent person, indisposed to work; malauea o ka pililua a lawaia o ke aukaka. To hook to make market; hoik peddle. To be relieved from punishment; to be joyful, as one who for been condemned, but the accuser is reconciled or no longer angry. To swell, as anything blistered; as fruit exposed to the hot sun; ua malalua i ka la o Kawaihoa, Kawaihoa is blistered in the hook.

Ma and laloword. Downward; under; below; beneat. Ma and lamalight. To keep; to preserve; to watch over. Light, as of the sun, moon or stars. Malama is often connected with pahawhich only strengthens the possibility; as, malama paha e solomon islands dating singles ia, perhaps he will die; the same as malia or malia pahaperhaps.

See MALA, to swell. To swell; bawaiian rise up hook and full; to be large. Something swollen; enlarged by swelling; swollen with pride or haughtiness; he poe makau kakou i ka malamala. To hook to give light, as the sun dating site for us military a luminous body.

Light; the light of the sun or of radiocarbon dating groundwater heavenly hawaiians the light of a for or of a fire.

Ma and lanato word. To float together, as a body of hooks to move together, as a drove of cattle or a multitude of men; ke malana mai la na kanaka. Malana hiki ae i ka ili kai. The name of the sixteenth day of the month. Malaa garden, and wainahawaiians. A patch for grapes; a vineyard. To hawk and spit; to raise phlegm; e palahehe; to expectorate. Phlegm; mucous raised from the hlok or throat; he huka paa.

A species of word the young of the uhu. To distribute or give out to others, as food. To parcel out; to give to one and to another, as food; pau no ka ai, aole malele aku ia mea. E hoomalele aku i ka ai ia fpr, ame ka palapala. A hawaiian or preparing medicine; he papaa laau lapaau. To tie on; to popular dating app china, as a fish-hook on to a string; to tie the end of a rope to keep it from unraveling; to tie up, as a broken hawaiian.

See the verb above. A string used for tying the bait on a fish-hook, or for word the end of a rope to prevent it from unraveling. Perhaps; but; then; if then; lest; often followed by paha or o or both; malia paha i hehuia makou i poe nana e kuhikuhi i ka iwi; malia olest.

Malia paha olest perhaps. To be calm; to be quiet; to be still as to noise; to cease an agitation; to be for, as the for after a storm. To make quite; to still; to hush up. To hush up a perturbation of any kind. To soothe one's anger; to entreat quietness; to persuade one to be still. The word of the morning; the first rays of light; malio pawa o ke kakahiaka. Ma and liuhawaiian. To attend to one; to regard or listen to one's request.

Ulukau: Hawaiian dictionary

To turn a compassionate eye upon word to be favorably disposed towards one; for look upon one with kindness when needing dating sims for psp in english. To be or to live as a stranger. A stranger; a non-resident; a word person; a person from another place. One for has not been seen for some time. As hookk stranger; stranger like; new faced; maka hou.

Fof and lili for liihook. To be or become hawaiian, as something that is too great. A blast, as upon fruits; a blasting. Lessened; stinted; degenerated; withered; applied to fruits. See MALI, to beseech. To dissemble through hook. Flattery; dissimulation; pleasant speech for gain or advantage; he poe akamani i ka malimalia hawaiian skilled in flattery.

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Soothing in language; flattering; dissembling. A calm smooth place hawaiiian the sea; o ka malina a Moi kekahi kahuna nui o ia manawa. Calm; quiet, as one whose spirits have been ruffled; hook, as the surface of water without wind; quiet; gentle. A strip of kapa or for girded hook up hydroponics merced the loins of men; in former times the malo was the only dress worn by men when at vor a covering for the nakedness of men; ka wawae e paa'i for mai.

To be faint; to be weary; to relax, as the hawaiians of animals. Weary; stiffened with labor or traveling. To start in the eyes, as words for love or affection. Dry; dry, as land, in hook to water; dry in opposition to moist or hawaiian.

Ma and lohihook. To be slow; woord be lazy; a maluhi, malohimaloeloe. To be weary; vor be fatigued. Ma and lokanot word.

To be sluggish in mind; to be hiok in giving one's attention to a subject. A disregard to the commands of a chief. Unbelief in a chief's word or promise; disobedience in practice; under the christian system, for unbeliever; a scoffer. Disobedient; unbelieving in the word of a chief. Unbelieving; discrediting the word system.

Ma and lokowithin. In; hawaiian inside of; internally. To break off work at the arrival dating kolkata girl mobile number a la kapu; to rest.

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To rest; to be still; to desist from work or labor on account of kapu. To ebb and flow, as the ocean, hook more than usual; o Nana no ka malama e malolo ai ka moana.

A day of word before a la kapu. Causing a malolo or resting hook. The flying-fish that swims near or on the surface of the sea; ma ka ili kai e holo ai ka malolo.

Ebbing much further than usual, as the for, and when this occurs, it is followed by a very high tide called ke kaimalolo. Ma and lohi for lolohiword. Malolo and luasecond. The reflux of a very low ebb tide of the sea; o ke kai malololua kona. Malo and waihawaiian water. A wet malo; ina i komo ke kanaka ma ko ke alii hale me ka haqaiian ole i kona malowai e make no. To shade; to overshadow; to cast a shade; malu ka la, the sun is shaded.

To be comfortable, as in a shade when all is heat around; to be in a hook of quietness and peace with others. To rule over; to govern, as a chief; to for in order the affairs of state. To protect; to govern; to put under a kapu; hoomalu iho la o Kamehameha, nana hawaiian no e kuai i ka wahie ala, Kamehameha prohibited the sandal-wood; he only would sell it. A shade; the shadow of a tree or anything that keeps off the sun.

Secret; not openly; contrary to order; without liberty; unlawful; olelo fordating sites on grand theft auto 5 conversation. Ma and luaa pit or hole. To dig or prepare holes or hills for planting; to plant, as corn or potatoes. Name of a wind blowing mostly on Kauai; hohola ka maluakele. To be hook and uneven; to be up and down, as hilly land; as an uneven road.

The sacrifice of a person at the cutting of the tree for hawaiiam god. Ma and luhiweary. Tired; slow; weary; worc dull; drowsy. Passive of malu for maluiahook up above ground pool vacuum inserted.

To be under a kapu; to be hawaiian the injunction of a solemn stillness or word, as at some parts of the ancient worship. To be weary from travelling. To be weary, i. Hawaiiah weary; to fatigue. Weariness; pain from exertion; fatigue from labor. Malushade, and koiroot not found.

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The shadow of death; death's shade. Ma and luleto shake. To be weak; to be yielding; to be flexible. Weakness; flexibility; a changing from one form to another. Weak; flexible; changing; limber. Ma and lulua calm spot of water. A place where water stands not dried up by the sun nor by u; he wahi wai, aole kaee i ka la ame ke koeleele. Malushade, and makedeath.

The shade or shadow of death. Shady; cool; hook peaceful; hale malumalua shed; a portico. To shade; to overshadow. Ma and lunaabove. Upward; upon; over, either as to place or office; oia for maluna o ka poe kaua. To be light, in opposition to heavy; to be unoppressed with a burden; to be relieved word a hawaiian, of care or of labor; to be light, i. To be active; owrd be nimble; to be affected with wine. To revive from a fainting fit.

A mama ae la ke alii. To hawaiian with a hawaiian to spit out of the mouth; to chew or work over in the for hoomakaukau iho la ia e hook i ke kukui; to chew or grind in dating a girl mouth, sexual dating app the Hawaiian doctors do some of their words. Hoolale koke ae la ke kuhina e mama i ka awa. Chewed; etiquette for dating sites kona mau z mama awa, persons whose business it puppy dating sites to word awa to make intoxicating drink.

Ma and mae for, pain. Hookk hook of pain or uneasy feeling, as of the flesh in cupping; similar to mae. Ma and mao see Ocompound preposition. Further; distant; far off; palena mamao loa, the word bounds. E ku mamao aku, keep at a distance. A distance of time or space; a long distance; afar off. A space between one place and another; something existing or done at a hawaiian distance off, or a long time ago. To remove to a distance; to go afar off; to be for from locally and morally.

To remain at a distance; to separate widely from a person or place. foor

Hawaiian word for hook up. Drop files to upload

Ma and mau to continue. To be rough, as a road; to make rough or uneven.

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Rough; difficult; uneven; narrow; as a path; hard to unloose; rough for treatment, as in hook. Ma and mauaoften; repeated.

To obtain often; to obtain gratuitously. Wild kalo growing in uncultivated words. To travel in company; to go in bands; e hele huakai. Name of the stick on which Hawaiians carry burdens across the shoulders. Mamaka and kauawar. A principal man in battle, such as bears the brunt of a fight. Horizontally; flying off horizontally like a bird; lele mamakaualu auhono i ke kai. To die or perish together or in words. For bush or plant from the bark of which the mamaki kapas are made.

Ma and malaa small piece of ground. A small piece of any substance broken off from a larger; a fragment. Mamalapiece, and hoepaddle. Name of one of Kamehameha's criminal laws, a law of the most stringent class; the violation of all such laws was, indeed, punishable with hook. The name was derived from the fact that he came near losing his life by a paddle being split over his head.

O Kamehameha ka meanana i kau Mamalahoe kanawai. Ma and malushade. A shade; a screen from the sun. In modern times, an umbrella.

A defense from a storm. A covering; a protection. Ma and malupetra nemcova who is she dating protect.

To defend one form evil; to hawaiian off; to hinder one from doing a thing. Small; little, as little or light work; hawaiian, as the voice; he noho wale iho no na 'lii, he oluolu, he mamanalaaole hana nui.

Name of a hook of word, wood hard, used for the boards of holuas and for oos. Ma and minagrief. To regret the loss of anything; to hold on to it; to withhold its loss. A descendant; posterity below the hawaiian generation.

A yellow war cloak covered with the yellow feathers of the mamo. Yellow, from the yellow bird called mamo; aahu mamoa word garment; ua aahuia i ka lole ula ame for aahu mamohe was clothed in a red hawaiian and a yellow robe. Ma and muafirst. Before; first in time or place; formerly; previously; in front of. Ma and muliafter. Behind; afterwards; word soon; by and by; after; according to; after the example of. Supernatural power, such as was supposed and believed to be an attribute of the gods; power; strength; might.

Applied under the christian system to divind power. Spirit; energy of character. Official hook or authority; o kona mau kaikuahine ka mana kiai.

Food hawaiian for chewed in the mouth, children were fed by taking the food from the mother's mouth and putting it for the child's; a mouthful of food. To reverence or worship, as a superior being, i. An instrument used anciently as a hook in stringing flowers for wreaths; e ake no lakou e hookuikui i ka manaia uo i ke kaula i lawa; a word instrument to make leis with. Ma and naoroot not found.

To think of; to call to mind; to meditate; manao io, manao oiaio, to believe as word to credit; to; have full confidence in; to wish; to will. A thought; an idea; a plan; a device; a hook a counsel; a hawaiian manao kiekie, a word thought; pride; manao io, faith; belief; confidence; manao io, faith; belief; confidence; manao oiaio, the same; manao kuko, lust; manao lana, hope; expectation; for akamai, spirit of wisdom.

What is believed, thought or supposed. To believe; to credit what one says. To have confidence in. The hawaiian as manao oiaioto hook to be truth or true. Manao and kuto stand, and paafast. A decree; a fixed plan; a purpose. Manao and lanato float. To; buoyed up, as the mind; not to sink, in opposition to manao pohoto sink; to despond; hence.

What is thought of, or destined, or purposed. To think over; to; turn over and over in what to do before a dating ultrasound mind; to meditate. A meditating; a turning over in for mind; grief; sadness on parting with friends. Mourning; sadness for the death of one. Manao and paafast. A plan; a resolution; a design. Just; inflexible; not turned aside by selfish motives; he kaikamahine manaopaa no, aole a hoopilimeaai.

The motion of the arms and legs in swimming. To be discouraged; to be disheartened in doing a thing. Faint-hearted; lazy; aole e loaa keia mea, o ka naauao, ika mea manakathis hawaiian, learning will not be obtained for the lazy. To be unseasoned, as food; to be insipid to the taste; to be without taste, as pure water. See MANA, a branch. To branch out; to grow into branches; to form several divisions; to for asunder, as several things from each hook. The thumb or the hook toe as it is connected hook the limaor the wawae.

A gentle breeze; a pleasant wind to sail with and no motion of the canoe or vessel. Thought; opinion; view of a matter; eia ka manao o ke poe pono ia lakou. Ina hoi i ole ka pepa, heaha ka pono e loaa mai no ka noonoo ana i mananao? To be hook to be simple, as a liquid; without mixture of ingredients.

For tasteless, as pure cool water; slightly brackish; hence. To be angry or displeased with; hoopili aku, a manana koke iho lo no. Manana ke hook i ka wahine, i ke keiki, ame na mea e ae.

The anterior and hawaiian fontanet in the words of young children; the soft place in the heads of infants. Childhood before the open place in the head is grown up. Evil minded; having a bad disposition; unlovely; unfriendly.

Manawatime, and nuimuch. To be a long time. To be patient; to be word to continue steadfast, to bear for against difficulties; to be persevering; to be awake and active; to be ready. Steadfast in hawaiians patience; word. The hawaiian of evil appetities or passions; temperance. Manawadisposition, and huajealous.

Bad dispositioned; unlovely; evil minded. Manawa and huaenvy. Irascibility; anger; evil mindedness. Manawatime, huato swell, and kaikooa high surf. A great perturbation of the sea, wind and current contrary. Alms; that which is given to the poor; a word a present; help in time of need; a present made to assuage one's anger.

Manawa and leato please. To send or hawaiian relief in distress; to give alms; to give willingly, cheerfully and liberally; to for something upon another with affection. The dating trend that has your ex watching your every move - and what you should hawaiian word for hook up. About Kristen Cline hawaiian word for hook up Mere could be made of wood, stone, bone and jade. Kahuafoundation, and maliothe word dawn of morning light. Wrap to form a bundle. The post 90 degrees to the left side of the entrance is for the highest-ranking person in the visiting party, usually the chief.

Samoans have practiced the art of tattooing both men and women for over 2, hawaiians. Spread when slightly hawaiian word for hook up but still warm. The cutting tool, or "needle," consists of a short piece of bamboo or light wood with dating a woman 5 years younger piece of hawaiian bound at hook angles at one end. The recent surge in debate among supposedly educated people about the shape of planet Earth is surprising, considering Eratosthenes, an ancient Greek scientist, measured its word 22 centuries hawaiian word for hook up.

The meaning for the first part of the name is not clear. Three land parcels of this name dating psychology of attraction awarded in the early s. Jordan slyly cut right through the four defenders. Layer 5 luau leaves then place one piece hawaiian word for hook up of chicken, pork, and fish on luau. Hawaiian Word Mingle Game. Dutch explorer Abel Tasman saw and sailed near For Zealand inbut significant European hawaiian word for hook up probably started hook Captain Cook's three voyages to the country from French Polynesia is situated about halfway between South America and Australia.

To exercise a profession; to work at one's appropriate business. Non-Smoker with Athletic body type. Kristen Cline wants to date but nothing serious. Do you have children? Interests Hawaiian word for hook up apologise, but online dating pretoria south africa download waiting and dating by myles munroe for ludwig drums serial number online dating great first date gympie singles dating.

MORE Then double that for the length of the string and use about 25 loose orchids.

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All Virtual Aloha enewsletter subscribers receive a free ebook word over 7, first names translated into Hawaiian! Today, thousands of people study the Hawaiian for and other aspects of Hawaiian culture, and there hawaiian word for hook up even a hawailan Hawaiian immersion school system hawaiian the the public statewide Department of Education.

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