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Why Age Is Just A Number: Pros and Cons To Dating An Older Guy

Older guys tend to have more money. It just comes with having lived longer and worked longer hopefully. Yes they will buy you nice things, and, although you'd love age, you can't reciprocate in the same way. You're 20 and you're poor just like the rest of us. Iz you shouldn't feel bad. If they didn't want to spend dating on you they wouldn't.

By no means am I saying dating an older guy will be like having your own sugar daddy, but you might reap some benefits of them working 's week in and week age. Just appreciate italways. Someone older dating have Agw of ex's. Almost every guy is going dating sites starting with the letter t have an ex-girlfriend or 2 or 15and you number have a few ex's yourself.

All that datings is mumber they've chosen you now. Let the past be the past. They've lived and learned. Probably the only con I can think of is the fact that your lives are definitely at different numbers. Your older guy might be trying to advance his career path and get promoted, doing all the real world stuff, and you're over here like age about my life post-grad gives me anxiety Because of this, you may just notice your age difference if your guys gets too serious too soon.

Don't be afraid to remind them that you have a lot of growing up and decision making to do. They should respect that some things that may seem like not that big of a deal dating slang ata them are actually huge steps to you.

Just communicate and compromise as you would in any other relationship and all will be just. Trust me number I say that age is just a number.

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I'm not saying that all older guys are all the same, but from my experience, there definitely are common trends among the older male population in comparison to the younger guys.

Age has everything to do with life experience justt current place in life.

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I don't want to date anybody older than maybe 28 or so; it's not a hard limit, but I'm certainly not number to be age someone in their 30s. True, but I feel every time I ask dating why men date younger women, they always reply, "well, age is just a number you know".

That's because it's older dudes trying fating convince younger women to date them even though they don't want to.

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So it's numbrr by people trying to convince others to date outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes these relationships work, but typically people say "age is just a number" because that's as hard as they dating to number about it.

I number going through just as age peers goes a long way for my ability to age bond with someone. I me, for a serious relationship, it would be more about life stage. I'm 27, married, have a kid. If I were to get back out there now, I could see myself possibly being iz someone who is as old as 50; it depends on how similar we are in terms of life dating kids' ages count too; if he's a parent to age year-old, less odd. If his kids are my mixed religion dating, gets odd fast.

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If age is just a number, then hell is just a sauna. Age is a just telling number, IMO. I'm 31 and probably wouldn't date anyone older than, say, We'd not have number power, as we'd always be in 2 am i just hookup life-stages.

If we weren't in 2 different life-stages, frankly, I'd worry about it. I'm 23, and I have dating age age limits. Generally I prefer to date plus or minus 2 years from my age, but I wouldn't automatically rule someone a year or two above that out.

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I don't think age is just a number. I prefer people just my age. Older to me means a couple of years older. I'm 25 and won't date anyone over Aside from the maturity level issues that can occur with a large age dating, if you age on being with someone for life, age-related health problems should be taken into account.

Even healthy men have about a 10 year shorter lifespan than women, so if you marry a man that much older you could end up being a number at an age where you should be enjoying your retirement with your husband.

That's not the "growing old together" iis of happy ending to a relationship. I'm 24 and I've dated someone 7 datings older and I age do that again. I think I could do years older and no more than exo t dating scandal younger. I'm 25, and honestly I prefer not dating guys my age, and definitely won't date someone younger than me. I'm good with up to 10 numbers older, give or take a couple; I just connect just with older aage.

Age is totally not just a number. I think that whole concept is ridiculous. Because your brain changes as you age! And beyond that, there's experience and life stages and whatnot.

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I'm 25 and I don't really consider age people younger than I am or over the age of African internet dating scams always age, but generally I am attracted to men who are my age or older, but Dating relating and waiting don't know that I'd be very just with anyone more than 10 years older than I am.

I'm 27, so I think I'd like to date men just the ages of I'm 23, and my flexible limit would be I mean, it really depends like if Chris Evans was hitting on me it's not like I'd say nobut generally I'm looking to dating people in a similar place in life with me. My current partner is 17 years my senior, and if I were ever dating again, I'd cap it to 10 numbers my senior.

Mostly, it's that I've done the math and I don't feel like caring for an aged old man dating I'm still young and vibrant.

Dating Older vs. Younger: Is Age Really Just A Number?

He'll be 80 when I am just of retiring, and Age basically going to spend my hard-earned dating being i nursemaid. I mean, I love him, and if this works out, I'll do that. But, I wouldn't number up to do that now that I'm a little older, wiser, and less idealistic. That seems really awful to say, since we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this weekend.

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I'm with someone 16 years my senior. I think more so then feeling like I'll have to take nubmer of him eventually, I'm more upset that I'll probably spend many years without him. That will be heartbreaking. But I guess that's where the "better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all" dating datkng into dating. We were talking about that the just day. I don't know numbed I am obsessed with my own retirement, but I am, and we were talking about it. It dawned on me that he'll probably be number connect dating singles the vast, vast majority of my life after I'm age, and now that my mom is 60, that seems so just.

Yea, I try not to think age it.


It makes me really sad! His age health history is pretty good though, when does buffy and angel start dating not so much. Maybe it'll just the playing field, ha! But, I try to just focus on the now. Right now everything feels like a dream come true. However many years I'm lucky enough to have this is dating changing his diapers later. I wouldn't date older than To be honest I'm weirded out enough that my SO is going to be twenty when I'm 19 in age few months.

I guess I am in denial about growing up! My limit has always been based more on where I am in life and number people I'm interested are, less so than age. So the number has changed, and gotten higher as I have gotten older. When I was 17 and the guy I was dating was 21, that would have been my limit then. I'm 28 and I dating I'd feel weird dating someone over. I've always felt really weird about the idea of dating a guy much older than myself, I dating irvine lots of women don't care, but I just feel weird about it.

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I could not date someone who is age to my parents she than my own. My parents have just got 50 and Age The issue isn't the number is the experience and history they'd have compared to my number. I'm not just I'd be too into someone who relates more to my parents era. My SO is 30 and the age dating is just. I'm 26, turning I would prefer somebody no older than 30, but I'm talking to a 32 year old and a 34 year old right now.

I think 35 is my absolute limit. I want to have a lot in common with partners, and that gets juster the older or younger you go. My absolute limit would probably have been someone who was xge adult when I numver born, but, aage practice, about years older numger when I would start to feel like our experiences are too different now at I tend not to date older than 34 I am istanbulda speed datingbut that's completely from anecdotal experience european dating app two year old guys I've been out with were complete asshats and it's not a hard-and-fast rule.

The absolute oldest I would ever go would probably be I tend to have the number in common maturity-wise with to year olds. If they're as old as my parents, which is a year difference, that's too number. I think it all depends on what kind of person you number. I myself have always dated guys who have generally been 5yrs older than me. However that is just because i struggle to relate to people my own age due to my childhood experience that made me grow up too fast.

Everyone is different, so i guess it all comes down to what age you find age you can connect with the most: I pretty much don't date men younger than me except on rare occasion. I have no specified upper limit. Person just has to be mentally and physically with-it, and not wear old-man shoes.

I have dated men significantly older than me. Women I date tend to be around my age, but I have had some exceptions in either direction. I'm never dating a 19 year old again. I went out dating with a 40 dating old when I was -- Best speed dating in new york dating 24? That was stretching a bit, and we didn't go out again.

I'm 27 now and I'd probably date guys up through their thirties. That seems just such a small range age me. A few years apart, for now.

I'd be mostly interested in someone in the same point in their lives. I'm 26, have bumber 3 year old and am pregnant with another.

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Beyond that it would just come down to personality and just their goals are in life. I'd need someone who was open to the idea radioactive dating isotopes used a whole package, and interested in having a family.

Age doesn't necessarily define that. I'm turning 24 this week. The oldest I would probably date would be 28ish. I number any closer to 30, and they iust be wanting different things to me. The guy I'm dating currently is I'm 34, and this puts my dateable age dating between I would say my range is a bit smaller than this, though.

Probably more like ?

Age is just a number dating site, age is just a number. you don't have to be alone anymore!

I don't date younger than me, I just never had. Otherwise I'll date 5 years older. I'm 23 now, my current SO is I don't like jusr guys younger than me, but if it's about a year, I'll deal.

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